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Committee details

Joint meeting of the Alexandra Park & Palace Statutory Advisory Committee and the Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee

Purpose of committee

As part of the Alexandra Palace and Park Governance Review, at the meeting of the Statutory Advisory Committee on 25th January 2011 and the meeting of the Consultative Committee on 8th February 2011 it was agreed that two trial meetings of the Informal Joint Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committees would take place on 5th April 2011 and 31st May 2011.  See below for descriptions of each committee.


Alexandra Park and Palace Statutory Advisory Committee

The Alexandra Palace and Park Board receives advice from the Alexandra Park and Palace Statutory Advisory Committee, an external body established under the terms of the Alexandra Park and Palace Act 1985. Its functions, as laid down by the Act are the powers and duties of the Advisory Committee shall be to promote the objects of the charity and assist the Trustees in fulfilling the trusts by considering and advising the Trustees on the following main matters.-

(a) the general policy relating to the activities and events arranged or permitted in the Park and Palace;

(b) the effects of such activities and events upon the local inhabitants and local environment.


Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee


The Consultative Committee exists to:

(a) give representatives of appropriate local and national organisations the opportunity of full discussion with Members of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board on general matters affecting Alexandra Palace and Park.

(b) give Members of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board the opportunity of discussing and explaining to the organisations matters affecting the overall policy and efficient management of Alexandra Palace and Park.


  • Gordon Hutchinson  (Chair)  Friends of Alexandra Park
  • Jason Beazley  (Advisory Committee Member) 
  • David Frith  (Advisory Committee Member)  The Rookfield Association
  • Jane Hutchinson  (Advisory Committee Member)  Alexandra Residents Association
  • Jim Jenks  (Advisory Committee Member)  Warner Estate Residents' Association
  • Duncan Neill  (Advisory Committee Member)  Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association
  • Ken Ranson  (Advisory Committee Member)  Bounds Green & District Residents Association
  • Liz Richardson  (Advisory Committee Member)  Palace View Residents Association
  • Kevin Stanfield  (Advisory Committee Member)  Palace Gates Residents' Association
  • Dermot Barnes  (Consultative Committee Member)  Alexandra Residents' Association
  • Mr John Boshier  (Consultative Committee Member)  Muswell Hill Metro Group
  • Calvin Henry  (Consultative Committee Member)  St Mary;s CE Primary School
  • Prof. Richard Hudson  (Consultative Committee Member)  Warner Estate Residents' Association
  • Rachael Macdonald  (Consultative Committee Member)  New River Action Group
  • Hugh Macpherson  (Consultative Committee Member)  Alexandra Palace Organ Appeal
  • Jacob O'Callaghan  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Val Paley  (Consultative Committee Member)  Palace View Residents' Association
  • Jonathan Smith  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • John Thompson  (Consultative Committee Member)  Alexandra Palace Television Group
  • John Wilkinson  (Consultative Committee Member) 
  • Nigel Willmott  (Consultative Committee Member)  Friends of the Alexandra Palace Theatre
  • Councillor Patrick Berryman   
  • Councillor Dr. James Chiriyankandath   
  • Councillor Lucia das Neves   
  • Councillor Josh Dixon   
  • Councillor Scott Emery   
  • Councillor Justin Hinchcliffe   
  • Councillor Khaled Moyeed   
  • Councillor Mike Hakata   
  • Councillor Elin Weston   
  • Councillor Dana Carlin   
  • Councillor Nick da Costa   
  • Councillor Eldridge Culverwell   
  • Councillor Bob Hare   
  • Felicity Foley  (Secretary) 

Contact information

Support officer: Fiona Rae, Principal Committee Co-ordinator. 3541 Email:

Postal address:
5th Floor
River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Phone: 020 8489 3541