Outside body

Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, The Authority


Aims/work of the Authority


The Authority was set up under the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 to develop, preserve and manage the Lee Valley for recreation, sport, entertainment and the general enjoyment of leisure. 


Tasks undertaken

Set authoriities strategic direction, policy framework , corporate goals , overall priorities and targets,  develop policy proposals, monitor implementation and effect of their decision.



The full Authority meets apprximately up to ten times per year (minimum of 4 times per year)  on the fourth Thursday of the month, excepting the months of December and August.  There are two main committees; Planning Committee meets four times per year.  There are eight other smaller committees/panels/working groups which meet as required.  The majority of meetings are held during the daytime on Thursdays. 

The LVRPA cannot pay its members an allowance or travel and subsistence.  Members have to claim from their own authority for any expenses incurred.


Responsibilities of individual members

To attend meetings when necessary and contribute to the decision making process


Legal responsibilities of members – None

Training required - None


Please note that both appointments are until 30 June.  This is a quirk of the Park Act where even if a Member ceases to be a Councillor in the May they continue with the organisation until end of June.

Contact information

Sandra Bertschin

Myddleton House
Bulls Cross

Website: http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk

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