Committee details

General Purposes Committee (old)

Purpose of committee

The General Purposes Committee is responsible for all non-Executive Decisions and is the ‘parent’ committee for Planning, Licensing (2003 Act), Miscellaneous Functions (pre-2003 Licensing Act), Council and Employee Joint Consultative Committee, Pensions Panel and Dismissal and Grievance Appeals. 



Chair of the General Purposes Committee

The Chair of the Committee is Councillor George Meehan



Terms of Reference of the Committee

(a) the following Schedule 1 functions:

(i) paragraph A – Town Planning; determining any matters referred from the Planning Applications Sub-Committee;

(ii) paragraph B - Licensing and Registration; determining all policy issues and standard terms and conditions but excluding decisions in individual cases which are delegated to the Licensing Sub-Committee;

(iii) paragraph C - Health and Safety;

(iv) paragraph D – Elections

(v) paragraph H – Pensions

(vi) paragraph I – Miscellaneous; including:

(A) all functions relating to public rights of way except the creation, stopping up and diversion of footpaths and bridleways in connection with development control decisions which is delegated to the Planning Applications Sub-Committee;

(B) making arrangements for proper administration of financial affairs under section 151 Local Government Act 1972;

(C) approving statements under The Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996;

(D) appointing proper officers under section 270(3) of the Local Government Act 1972;

(E) appointing and dismissing senior officers (Deputy Chief Officers and above); and determining terms and conditions of service of those staff below Senior Management grades ,including procedures for dismissal (determining terms and conditions of service of staff at and above Senior management level is dealt with by Remuneration Committee) ;

(F) making payments in cases of maladministration.

(b) the following “Local Choice” functions set out in Schedule 2 of the above Regulations: -

(i) any function under a local Act other than a function specified or referred to in Reg. 2 or Schedule 1 or expressly delegated elsewhere in this Constitution;

(ii) the determination of an appeal against any decision made by or on behalf of the authority;

(iii) passing a resolution that Schedule 2 to the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993 should apply to the Council’s area (consent to the operation of loudspeakers).

(c) the power to make recommendations to the Council on any of its functions set out in Article 6.02, including the terms of Standing Orders, and the power to establish Sub-Committees to consider and report on any such functions.



Contact information

Support officer: Ayshe Simsek. 2919

Phone: 020 8489 2929