Agenda and minutes

Joint meeting of the Alexandra Park & Palace Statutory Advisory Committee and the Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee
Tuesday, 18th June, 2019 8.00 pm

Contact: Glenn Barnfield, Principal Committee Co-ordinator 

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Cllr das Neves agreed to chair the meeting.



Please note this meeting may be filmed or recorded by the Council for live or subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site or by anyone attending the meeting using any communication method.  Although we ask members of the public recording, filming or reporting on the meeting not to include the public seating areas, members of the public attending the meeting should be aware that we cannot guarantee that they will not be filmed or recorded by others attending the meeting.  Members of the public participating in the meeting (e.g. making deputations, asking questions, making oral protests) should be aware that they are likely to be filmed, recorded or reported on.  By entering the meeting room and using the public seating area, you are consenting to being filmed and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings.


The Chair of the meeting has the discretion to terminate or suspend filming or recording, if in his or her opinion continuation of the filming, recording or reporting would disrupt or prejudice the proceedings, infringe the rights of any individual, or may lead to the breach of a legal obligation by the Council.






Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Moyeed, Cllr Carlin, Cllr Stennett, Cllr Hare, Cllr Williams, Richard hudson, Jane Hutchinson, Gordon Hutchinson and Kevin Stanfield.


Declarations of interest

A member with a disclosable pecuniary interest or a prejudicial interest in a matter who attends a meeting of the authority at which the matter is considered:


(i) must disclose the interest at the start of the meeting or when the interest becomes apparent, and

(ii) may not participate in any discussion or vote on the matter and must withdraw from the meeting room.


A member who discloses at a meeting a disclosable pecuniary interest which is not registered in the Register of Members’ Interests or the subject of a pending notification must notify the Monitoring Officer of the interest within 28 days of the disclosure.


Disclosable pecuniary interests, personal interests and prejudicial interests are defined at Paragraphs 5-7 and Appendix A of the Members’ Code of Conduct


Cllr Hinchcliffe declared that he was a member of Friends of Alexandra Palace and Park.


Urgent Business

The Chair will consider the admission of any late items of Urgent Business.  (Late items of Urgent Business will be considered under the agenda item where they appear.  New items of Urgent Business will be dealt with under item 10 below).




MINUTES pdf icon PDF 281 KB

i.          To approve the minutes of the informal Joint Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committees held on 25th April 2019.


ii.         To note the minutes of the Statutory Advisory Committee held on 25th April 2019.

Additional documents:


The following points were noted in discussion:


  • The CEO, Louise Stewart, confirmed it had been the intention to have the annual report on outdoor events monitoring framework listed on the agenda but, regrettably, this had not been possible for this meeting due to the workload of Trust staff.
  • Regarding the shuttle bus between Alexandra Palace Railway Station and Tottenham Hotspur, the CEO informed the Trust had written to Tottenham highlighting their concerns. The Trust had yet to receive a response from Tottenham but would escalate those concerns ahead of the next football season. The Council had ongoing discussions with Tottenham Hotspur regarding the new stadium and the issue of the shuttle bus would form part of those discussions.
  • The Committee praised and thanked the Trust staff for their efforts in securing and hosting ‘An Audience with Madonna’ on 13th June 2019, which received positive publicity for the Palace. 




  1. To approve the minutes of the informal Joint Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committee held on 25th April 2019.


  1. To note the minutes of the Statutory Advisory Committee held on 25th April 2019.


CEO's update report pdf icon PDF 257 KB

To update the SAC/CC on Alexandra Palace activities (including events, car parking, colour strategy, and park monitoring information)




The CEO introduced the report and invited Member comments. The following was noted:




The CEO informed that the Governance Project Group had met several times and a briefing note was being prepared for Councillors, which would also be circulated to Members of the SAC/CC. Post meeting note: Update circulated to SAC/CC members by email in August.


London Fire Brigade (LFB) presence


The CEO informed that the Trust had been working closely with the LFB to put in place new temporary water supply measures following the corrosion of fire main pipework. In the event of an incident at the Palace and Park, the LFB had confirmed they were satisfied that they would be able to provide an adequate response. A long term solution would be addressed at a later date.


Responding to a question, the CEO informed that the Trust was not expecting a written report from LFB. The Trust keeps its own records. As well as ensuring the safety of staff, visitors and the building the exercise  provided the Trust’s insurers that the Trust was actively managing and mitigating risks, which would benefit insurance premiums in the long term.


Park Update


In preparation for a likely increase in littering around the park during the upcoming summer months new signage was to be installed around the Palace and Park to discourage littering. The CEO sought Resident Association’s to do all they could to discourage residents not to litter or fly tip in the Park.


Regarding the ongoing work to tackle Oak Processionary Moth, Members noted it would be helpful if the Alexandra Palace website had images of what people should be looking out for. Post meeting note: leaflet about the moths was circulated to SAC/CC in July.


Responding to a question on litter collections, the CEO informed that the Trust had a limited budget for this and additional litter collections were scheduled for the summer months when litter around the Park increased. Litter collection rotas were changed, depending on the events on site so that certain areas, such as the children’s playground or heavily littered areas could be prioritised. 


Future use of the deer enclosure had not been decided and the area would remain as it currently was, with the gate closed for the safety of park users while the grass area recovered from deer grazing. Post meeting note – the area is being used for outdoor activities as par of the creative learning programme.


Responding to a question on the potential for fires  in the Park, the CEO confirmed that there were regular patrols and that the team were vigilant, particularly during the warmer weather. The CEO noted that local users of the Park had been robust in keeping the Trust informed of any fire outbreaks. Members were encouraged to contact the Trust’s security or visitor services team on 020 8365 2121 if they spotted any fires within the Park.


The Trust intends to highlight the leaving of household rubbish by park neighbours by putting hazard tape around it  ...  view the full minutes text for item 137.


Haringey Ward Boundaries pdf icon PDF 130 KB

Report on the impact of the parliamentary proposals.




The CEO introduced this report, which sought the Joint SAC/CC’s comments on the public consultation relating to Ward Boundaries and the potential impact this might have on the SAC membership. One of the proposed changes meant that Alexandra Ward would be merged with Fortis Green to form Muswell Hill North.


The following was raised:


  • The reduction in Ward Boundaries from 6 to 5 did not affect the area coverage.
  • Members were invited to comment on the public consultation if they had any concerns they wished to raise.
  • Members noted that some wards, such as Stroud Green and Alexandra, had raised concern over the proposed changes to the Ward Boundaries.
  • The CEO informed that as the Trust was a local organisation, it had a right to contribute its views on the proposed changes. However, the Trust had yet to consider its position and whether to put forward a view.
  • If the Trust Board were to decide its position before the next meeting of the Joint SAC/CC, it was suggested that this be circulated with Members beforehand for them to consider their response.




To consider the proposed changes to the Haringey Ward Boundaries and the impact that they may have for the Park and Palace and put forward issues or concerns to the Trust.


Non-Voting Board Members feedback


The non-voting Board Members highlighted that a discussion had been had on the overall business performance of the Palace and Park. This had shown a positive performance but competition for events meant there was no room for complacency. The opening of the theatre had not only improved the business aspects of the Palace but improved its reputation. The Board had praised the Trust team for their work.






New items of urgent business

To consider any items admitted at item 4 above.






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