Agenda and draft minutes

Joint meeting of the Alexandra Park & Palace Statutory Advisory Committee and the Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee
Thursday, 25th April, 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: The Londesborough Room, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London N22. View directions

Contact: Glenn Barnfield, Principal Committee Co-ordinator 

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Gordon Hutchinson agreed to chair the meeting.



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Apologies for absence were received from Duncan Neill, Jim Jenks, Jason Beazley, Hugh Macpherson and Councillors Chiriyankandath, das Neves, Emery, Hinchcliffe, Jogee and Dogan.


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No declarations of interest were made.



Urgent Business

The Chair will consider the admission of any late items of Urgent Business.  (Late items of Urgent Business will be considered under the agenda item where they appear.  New items of Urgent Business will be dealt with under item X below).


There were no items of urgent business.


MINUTES pdf icon PDF 236 KB

i.          To approve the minutes of the informal Joint Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committees held on 29th January 2019.


ii.         To note the minutes of the Statutory Advisory Committee held on 29th January 2019.


iii.        To note the minutes of the meeting of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board held on 4th March 2019.

Additional documents:


The following issues were noted in discussion:


  • In response to member questions, Louise Stewart, CEO, noted the Trust had not yet implemented the licence for commercial dog walkers. 
  • Jacob O’Callaghan requested the Alexandra Palace and Park Board have an item on their next meeting’s agenda regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) and exempt information.
  • The CEO noted that, if the Charity were a standalone charity without Haringey Council as a corporate trustee, then it would not be subject to FOI. However, because the corporate trustee was a local authority, the officers of the Council guided the Board on FOI matters. The Board had agreed with the Council that it would operate on the basis of the same exemptions as the Council. The CEO reassured the Joint Committee that the Trust was committed to openness and transparency  and always acted in the interest of the Charity. The work undertaken by the Trust on a Strategic Vision for AP was ongoing and not for publication at this time.




  1. To approve the minutes of the informal Joint Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committees held on 29th January 2019.
  2. To note the minutes of the Statutory Advisory Committee held on 29th January 2019.
  3. To note the minutes of the meeting of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board held on 4th March 2019.


CEO's update report pdf icon PDF 237 KB

This report provides information to the Statutory Advisory and Consultative Committees on planning and policy issues in relation to Alexandra Park and Palace. It also provides additional information on the events programme and a range of activities of the Charitable Trust.


The CEO introduced the report and invited Member comments. The following was noted:


Park Update


  • The yellow shipping container that was in the Go Ape area had been removed following completion of a new electrical supply store.
  • The CEO informed that the ice cream vans operating within the Park and the east car park had the appropriate licences to operate. The ice cream company that the Trust used provided registration numbers of the vans used and notified the Trust of any changes in vehicles.
  • No feedback had been received on the Park Run event coffee van trial. The Trust had a good working relationship with Park Run. If it wished to use its coffee van onsite then it would have to apply for a licence, as it was commercial activity.

Post meeting note: The arrangements for the coffee van at Park Run events have now been made, to the satisfaction of the Trust.

  • The CEO confirmed that the annual report on outdoor events monitoring framework, which was discussed by the Board in November 2018, would be listed as a standalone item at the next Joint Committee meeting.(Action: Natalie Layton).


East Wing and Theatre


Theatre - The original business plan for the Theatre was being exceeded. There had been a high level of interest in holding performances/events at the Theatre with a broad range of performances listed with a mixture of community usage.


The CEO confirmed that a list of the community and local arts groups past and future activities at the Theatre would be listed in the minutes, they are as follows:

·         BBC Proms learning – 1st December

·         Haringey Music Service – Saturday 2nd December

·         Haringey has pride workshop – 1st April

·         Bilbo Buzz Children books awards on the 2nd April (26 schools)


Post meeting note: We have held many more community and creative learning activities in other areas including the East Court and Transmitter Hall. The areas chosen to facilitate these events are dependent on the event requirements and capacity.  The table below shows the community events currently provided by the Creative Learning Team:


Table – Creative Learning community activities:




Description of Creative Learning

Baby Jazz

East Court

Weekly singing sessions with babies with partner organisation Ruby

Rhythm Stick

Transmitter Hall

10-week training programme focussed on events skills; end result of putting on a club night for adults with learning disabilities. No formal partners but My AFK, Kith & Kids, Haringey Shed have all helped

Singing for the Brain

Transmitter Hall

Weekly participatory singing sessions, based onreminiscence for people with dementia and their carers. Partner: Alzheimer's Society

Pell Ensemble

Transmitter Hall

Half-day dance and coding workshop held on 3rd May for secondary school pupils with partner Pell Ensemble

Nest Art Day

Creative Learning Pavillion

Drop-in family activity day held with partners Sally Hart (commissioned)

Drumming Workshop

Transmitter Hall

Drumming Session for children held on 7th May, 14th May with partner CM Sounds  ...  view the full minutes text for item 125.


Planning Application - Beer Garden pdf icon PDF 151 KB

To advise Committee members of a planning and listed building consent application for 4no shaded structures for the outdoor beer garden (The Beach).


Additional documents:


The CEO introduced this report, which sought the Joint Committee to note and provide comments on the planning and listed building consent application.


The following was noted in discussion:


  • The CEO stated it was an inherent risk with outdoor property that damage could be caused but there was already CCTV in the area and the security team are based in close proximity.
  • The CEO reassured the sound levels would continue to be monitored and managed. The music would be localised and within the set noise conditions on the premises licence. Members queried whether no music being played on ‘The Beach’ would be more suitable for the location. Post meeting note:  During pub opening times, background music is already played daily in the outdoor area This has always been the case and will not differ from previous years. 
  • The level of noise generated is less that for scheduled event days such as StrEatlife and the Great Fete.
  • Members cautioned the potential loss of view from the beer garden
  • Members of the committee asked how encouraging more visitors on summer evenings worked with the car parking arrangements that sees car parks such as the Grove car park closed at 7pm.
  • It was noted that the structures would be in place from April to October.


Post meeting note: The team are providing improved signage in the grove car park – it currently closes at 7pm on non-event days. On event days it remains open later when the car park is marshalled. .

  • The pictures included in the report were examples only.
  • There would still be a through way to the rest of the terrace.
  • The CEO confirmed a search would be undertaken for the cast iron railing structures that had previously been used to separate ‘The Beach’ from the terrace. Rachael Macdonald would provide a photograph of the cast iron railings.

Post meeting note:  The small section of black and silver cast iron railings on the beach were removed sometime after 2012/13 and are stored in the Basement. They are replicas or extensively refurbished, but also found were some fragments in their original state during the Basement Works, which are still stored to the western end of the main avenue under the Great Hall.




  1. To note the contents of this report.


  1. To provide comments on the planning and listed building consent application.


Non-Voting Board Members feedback


The Colour Framework was an important piece of work that the Board was continuing to discuss.



Items raised by interested groups


Jacob O’Callaghan raised the issue of the temporary red and white bollards installed around the Palace to prevent nuisance parking. He queried whether there was any alternative to the bollards, such as clamping vehicles.


The CEO stated that clamping had been ruled out as an alternative temporary option due to the well publicised issues this can cause. Further, alternatives to the bollards were expensive, and any permanent structures put in place would need to be operationally efficient.


New items of urgent business

To consider any items admitted at item 5 above.






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