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Groundwork London Local Authority Strategic Input Board


Charitable Trust and company limited by guarantee.



Environmental and regeneration charity that delivers projects in deprived neighbourhoods.

To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment anywhere in the area of benefit: to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life of those living in  or working in or resorting to the area of benefit;  to advance public education in environmental matters and of the ways of better conserving, protecting and improving the same; to promote, for the public benefit, urban and rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation in the area of benefit.


Tasks undertaken by the board

Strategic input to annual business plan, reviewing performance and impact of project portfolio.


Benefits to the Council appointing a nominee:

Ensuring strategic fit between project and programmes, and Haringey’s corporate priorities and strategies, particularly in terms of regeneration, environment and community empowerment.


Responsibility of individual board members

Attend three meetings a year and contribute to discussions/key decisions


Any Legal Responsibilities

As committee members - none



3 per year


Meeting Time:

2 hours each meeting










1.       Governance structure

The agreed governance structure for Groundwork London includes:

Borough Steering Groups













2.       Membership of Groundwork London Board & committees

Groundwork London Board

Groundwork London’s Board is made up of  4 appointed, 2 nominated, and 9 co-opted Trustees:

·        4 Local Authority members are appointed to the Groundwork London Board by an electoral process conducted by the members of the Local Authority Strategic Input Board. 

·        2 Groundwork Federation nominees are appointed by the Groundwork Federation Board.

·        9 independent co-opted members are appointed by the Groundwork London Board. As and when vacancies become available the Board may consider any potential external candidates and put their names forward.  

Local Authority Strategic Input Board

The Local Authority Strategic Input Board includes:

·        1 member nominated by each Local Authority, members to be elected Councillors of the Local Authority

·        Meeting to be chaired by a Local Authority nominee, who is also a member of the Groundwork London Board

·         Current Local Authorities include: Westminster, Haringey, Camden, Islington, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing, Wandsworth, Merton, Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Committee shall normally comprise of at least 3 members of the Groundwork London Board:

·         Meetings will be chaired by a member of the Groundwork London Board

Remuneration Committee

The Committee shall normally comprise three members of the Groundwork London Board:

·         The Chairman of the Board

·         The Chairman of the Finance & Audit Committee

·         Co-opted Board member

Borough Steering Groups

The Borough Steering groups (BSG) are not a formal committee of the Groundwork London Board.  Where a Local Authority chooses to establish a BSG, their membership will be determined by each local authority.  Membership will include some of the following:

·        Director or senior Groundwork London staff

·        Local Authority staff and/or councillors

·         Other third parties

3.       Role of Groundwork London Board & committees


Role of the Groundwork London Board

The Board is primarily concerned with policy, strategy and governance.  The day-to-day management of the organisation is delegated to the paid professional staff, who report progress back to the Board.  The Board is legally responsible for the activities of the organisation.  The generic role of the Board is to:

·         Lead the organisation and ensure it has a clear purpose and an overall framework of policies and standards;

·         Develop overall strategies to achieve the organisation’s aims and to ensure there is a clear system to delegate implementation of the strategies to the staff team;

·         Monitor the progress of the organisation and ensure that it provides the highest quality of care, balanced with the effective, efficient and economic use of the organisations resources and assets;

·         Ensure compliance with the law and accountability to the organisations stakeholders;

·         Ensure that the Board itself performs effectively, contains people with the skills and experience it needs and makes its plans to ensure the recruitment, induction and development of new trustees.


Role of the Local Authority Strategic Input Board

The Local Authority Strategic Input Board will enable Local Authorities to:

·         Shape the strategic direction of Groundwork within Local Authorities;

·         Keep their Local Authorities informed about the breadth of Groundwork London’s expertise;

·         Appoint, via an electoral process, members to the Groundwork London Board.


Role of the Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the overall direction of financial and investment resources at Groundwork London and for making appropriate recommendations to the Board. In exercising this responsibility the Finance & Audit Committee will work within the parameters set by the Groundwork London Board in the annual Business Plan.


Role of the Remuneration Committee

The Committee is appointed by the Board to assist the Board in the appointment of the Executive Director and to support the Executive Director in the appointment of members of the Executive Team and to consider and approve their remuneration.


Role of the Borough Steering Groups

The Borough Steering Groups are responsible for the oversight, locally, of projects being undertaken by Groundwork in each Borough in London. The group will provide a forum for partnership working and, linking into other Borough structures, for strategic direction and development of Groundwork’s operations and presence in that area.





Contact information

Lindy Kelly - Executive Director

Phone: 020 7960 2671

Website: http://www.groundwork.org.uk/london

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