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Consultative Committee, Highgate Wood


Deputies may attend in place of appointed nominee.

One Cllr for Highgate Ward and one Cllr for Muswell Hill Ward only to be appointed. 


The City of London owns and manages almost 11,000 acres of Open Spaces across London, including Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park. These three sites form the North London Open Spaces Division within the Corporation’s overall Open Spaces Department. The Highgate Wood Joint Consultative Committee provides a forum for local stakeholders to comment upon and inform the management of Highgate Wood by the City of London Corporation. Its views are reported to the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park Committee, the committee responsible for the overall management and decision-making for the Corporation’s North London Open Spaces.

The strategic aims of the City of London Corporation’s Open Spaces Department are to:

·         Provide safe, secure and accessible Open Spaces and services for the benefit of London and the nation;

·         Involve communities and partners in developing a sense of place through the care and management of our sites;

·         Deliver sustainable working practices to promote the variety of life and protect the Open Spaces for the enjoyment of future generations;

·         Promote opportunities to value and enjoy the outdoors for recreation, learning and healthy living;

·         Manage, develop and empower a capable and motivated workforce to achieve high standards of safety and performance.


Highgate Wood consists of 28 hectares of ancient woodland incorporating a high quality turf Sports Field, café, and a playground. The Highgate Wood Consultative currently includes representatives from the London Borough of Haringey, the Highgate Society, the Tree Trust for Haringey, Muswell Hill Friends of the Earth, Friends of Queen’s Wood, the Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Association, and the Highgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee.


Contact information

Location: One at Highgate Wood the other at Guildhall

Alistair MacLellan

C/o Town Clerk's Office
City of London Corporarion
PO Box 270
Guildhall, London

Phone: 020 7332 1425

Website: http://democracy.cityoflondon.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=240

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