Outside body

Markfield Project, The Management Committee


Main Objectives

Those who work in and manage Markfield, and those who use its services, are united in a commitment to ensure that Markfield is an organisation that:


q       is driven by the principle of inclusion – that Disabled people, whether children or adults, should not be segregated from the rest of their community;

q       provides a diverse range of services, easily accessed and that allow people to be safe and supported;

q       empowers Disabled people and their families to access rights, extend opportunities, be independent & challenge prejudice

q       has a high community profile and works in partnership with other local providers and organisations and the local community

q       is service user centred, actively involving users, and recognising needs of family and social networks

q       values diversity and promotes equality of opportunity;

q       is respectful, non-judgemental, friendly and welcoming and builds on mutual trust;

q       is independent and progressive in its services


Number of members on the board

2 Cllr positions (non-voting)

2 Director posts (Staff)

1 Company Secretary (Staff)

Service users (at least 3)

A Director must be a member of Markfield (voting members).

The number of Directors shall be not less than four and not more than twelve.

At least one third of the Directors shall be Disabled people or family members of Disabled people.

Tasks undertaken by the board

The Directors shall manage the business of Markfield and may exercise all the powers of Markfield unless they are subject to any restrictions imposed by the Act, the memorandum, these articles or any special resolution.

This entails checking/ensuring that our finances (via management accounts and budgets), also any contractual agreements for funding or staffing or services we offer, are running correctly and within our policies and procedures.


Responsibilities of board members

To commit to attend the 6 meetings per year, spaced at roughly one every two months

To read papers in advance and come and question staff as a critical friends on their responsibilities, finances, and policies/procedures as well as endorse their work too.


Legal responsibilities

Must attend AGM



The Markfield Project provides rights, independence, choice and inclusion for disabled people and their families.  They provide a broad range of services to disabled children, young people and adults and their families. 



Every 2 months


Meeting Time:

7:00 – 9:00pm



Any successful recruitment is subject to a CRB check via Ofsted (non voting members) and also an annual development day held with all trustees.



Terms of reference for Councillors involvement in Voluntary Sector Committees is requested by the organisation.


We are a small and well run charity that is housed in an amazing industrial building in the middle of Markfield park. Our work reaches over a thousand people every year and makes a real difference to the lives of many in Haringey but particularly local people in Tottenham and Seven Sisters.


There is no payment. Cabinet members are entitled to claim travel expenses & childcare with appropriate receipts.


Contact information

Sarah Miller Director Markfield

Markfield Project
Markfield Road
N15 4RB

Website: http://www.markfield.org.uk/

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