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No to Haringey LTNs

We the undersigned petition the council to WITHDRAW all the LTNs recently implemented in Haringey. And to put an END to the implementation of any further LTNs.

We fundamentally disagree that the LTNs will achieve the Council’s aims as our lived experience is that they are in fact increasing traffic as vehicles are being diverted via boundary roads, which adds both unnecessary distance and journey time, both resulting in higher fuel consumption and consequently more pollution.
They are the cause of major traffic jams and are encouraging additional crime with quiet streets are becoming a target for rape, muggings, crimes, robberies. Besides the health impact of pollution itself, residents are unfairly subjected to both the physical and mental impact of the grave distress and anxiety that aforementioned factors cause.
They severely impact the most vulnerable causing severe stress to the elderly, people living with disabilities, those who rely on carers & especially to the people living/working & going to school on the Boundary Roads.
They are damaging local businesses, with footfall and turnover significantly impacted.
The Council engagement prior to LTN introductions was extremely limited. The Council failed to inform many that this was even happening & totally ignored the consultation results they received as the majority didn’t want this!
Haringey should be striving for a fair and equal society, everyone should have an equal right to use the roads that we all pay for.
Simply pushing & forcing traffic on to the Boundary Roads is not the answer to the aims! LTNs disproportionally affect the most vulnerable.
We demand Haringey completely remove all of these incoherent schemes with immediate effect.

This ePetition ran from 11/12/2022 to 30/06/2023 and has now finished.

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