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Keep Hornsey Baths as Part of Hornsey Depot Plans

We the undersigned petition the council to Uphold its policies in respect of "Haringey's Local Plan: Strategic Policies 2013-2016" by: 1. Recognising the view of Alexandra Palace above the Hornsey Baths & Washhouses Building is a locally important view that contributes to the interest and character of the borough. 2. Giving due regard to Council policies and objectives with respect to Views (i.e. Policies 6.2.18; 6.2.19 & 6.2.20)

Although we recognise that the Hornsey Depot site has been neglected for far too long, we have strong objections to the current supermarket-led plans and designs. They show no regard for the Hornsey High Street Conservation Area, and the bulldozing of the Hornsey Baths and Washhouses building to create a 3-lane car-park access and delivery road is a highly contested act of unnecessary destruction. We urge the developers and planners to reconsider this and work to conserve and restore this heritage asset, taking account of Haringey and National Policies to prevent the loss of this cherished historic building.

The iconic and much-loved view of Alexandra Palace framed above the Baths Building, which would be obliterated by the development, is part of our social fabric and identity. The view from across the High Street takes in Grade II listed buildings, nationally listed structures and buildings of local significance. It is part of what makes Hornsey unique.

We object to the fact that the required turning circle of excessively large Sainsbury's delivery vehicles is seen as more important than local quality of life, and we demand that the driving force for this development is reversed - from the interests of Sainsbury's alone to the interests of local people who care about our environment and its future.

On reaching 2200 signatures A debate will be held at full Council

This ePetition ran from 16/10/2013 to 22/12/2013 and has now finished.

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