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The litter is out of control in Tottenham

We the undersigned petition the council to More public litter bins, more street cleaning, crack down on fly tipping and make disposing of large items easier.

Every day it looks like there has been a hurricane. Rotting food; nitrous oxide canisters; discarded furniture; fast food packaging; bottles at the side of the road that people drop out of their car doors; broken glass - these things lie on street for days and days before they are removed. Never once seen a pavement sweeping machine. In Hackney you see the same street cleaner doing their rounds daily... not here. You can walk for a good while before getting to a public litter bin, clearly too long for some people to hold on to their rubbish. Most public bins are not separated into rubbish and recycling. Reporting on Love Clean Streets becomes a full time job. The streets are not looked after so people feel they are not looked after, so they don't respect the place. It wears people down.

This ePetition runs from 31/08/2022 to 31/01/2023.

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