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Opposition to West Green & Bruce Grove LTN trial

We the undersigned petition the council to END the LTNs implemented in the WEST GREEN & BRUCE GROVE areas. We disagree that the LTNs introduced will achieve the Councils aim. They will in fact increase pollution, increase journey times, increase fuel consumption, cause major traffic jams, increase & encourage crime & have a negative impact on all our daily lives & health. They will also cause severe stress to the elderly, people living with disabilities relying on carers & especially to the people living/working & going to school on the Boundary Roads.

Most Council engagement if any was done during lockdown when we were told to stay at home, not everyone has an online digital presence & hardly any received consultation packs as promised! The Council failed to inform many that this was even happening & totally ignored the consultation results they did receive as the majority didn’t want this!
Philip Lane, West Green Road, Belmont Road, Lordship Lane, Bruce Grove, High Road, Westbury Ave and Green Lanes will hugely suffer. Haringey Council & our ward councillors should be working for us, their constituents & not focusing on lining their pockets, tricking people with poor, little or no signage & making a HUGE profit from all that use the area by vehicle.

Simply pushing & forcing traffic on to the Boundary Roads is not the answer! LTNs disproportionally affect the most vulnerable.
How will this help us during the cost of living crisis??

We urge Haringey to put an end to these ridiculously ill thought out schemes after the 6 month objection period & completely remove them after the 18 month trial.

This ePetition ran from 30/08/2022 to 01/02/2023 and has now finished.

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