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LTNs - Exemption for all Bruce Grove residents

We the undersigned petition the council to Allow all residents to apply for an exemption & grant them to all x3 Bruce Grove LTNs (so that residents have access to x3A and x3B) to help ease the flow of traffic and reduce carbon emissions by significantly reducing the time spent sitting in traffic and journey times. Currently, blue badge holders can only apply for exemptions.

Haringey council have doubled down on keeping the Bruce Grove LTNs in place regardless of the fact that there is more negative feedback than positive feedback since they were implemented.

The journey through the Bruce Grove area has become unbearable and getting home takes 4x’s the amount of time it previously took. Local businesses and residents are suffering.

If there are any road works, there is no consideration on how this affects the already worsened traffic in the area and no plans have been taken to open LTNs during these times. Haringey need to work with it’s residents and help make their lives better and easier and not worse and then ignore them when these concerns are raised.

All residents in the Bruce Grove x3 area should have access to all x3a and x3b LTNs. This can be managed like parking permits and how it is currently being managed for disabled badge holders.

This ePetition ran from 22/04/2024 to 23/07/2024 and has now finished.

102 people signed this ePetition.