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Raised platform for Daleview Road/Eastbourne Road junction

We the undersigned petition the council to change the road at the junction with Daleview Road and Eastbourne Road, to a raised platform which is similar to the one at the start of Daleview Road, N15 and also one on Holmdale Terrace. Have raised platform put in to ensure the safety of pedestrians and children of the community.

The street has encountered many near misses considering the number of children/families that pass through the area owing to the Paignton Park nearby, and lots of footfall owing to the nearby station also. We have had two incidents of cars crashing into parked vehicles because of excess speed. Traffic speed up and down the road is high as all along Daleview Road, N15 there is an opportunity for some drivers to speed (with some even roaring down and doing handbrake turns) with only one speed breaker right at the end. Many vans and delivery drivers use the route, which is fair enough, but we only don’t want them to speed. Thus, adding one (raised platform) right in the mentioned junction area will help massively. The traditional road safety benefits of lower vehicle speeds include saving lives and reducing the impact and likelihood of near misses, which a raised platform can help with. We need to protect an area of the community which have lots of children playing, pets and animals crossing and high numbers of pedestrians using the road daily.

This ePetition ran from 06/09/2022 to 05/11/2022 and has now finished.

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