Agenda item


To consider the report and provide feedback to the SAC.


Mark Evison, Head of Park and Environmental Sustainability introduced the report.

The following was noted in the discussion:

  • Park visitor numbers for 2022-23 were estimated at 3.8 million. Although this figure was lower than the peaks observed during the pandemic, it still surpassed the pre-pandemic averages.
  • The Park maintained the Green Flag and Green Heritage Awards in 2023 and achieved Gold standard in three London in Bloom categories (large park, heritage park, and large conservation area).
  • The committee was encouraged to submit stories for the Creative Learning ‘The People’s Picture’ before the Christmas period.
  • The Creative Learning team secured funding to deliver engagement activities for both the Haringey Feast and Alexandra Palace’s 150th Anniversary. The Young Producers oversaw two commissions, organising workshops across Haringey and leading on digital content for the feast.
  • Regarding Haringey music services, the Symphony Orchestra worked on an exciting program of repertoire for the upcoming term, with details to be circulated once confirmed. Haringey Music Service brought 106 young musicians to Alexandra Palace each week.
  • Young adults with disabilities from John Dewey Specialist College collaborated with filmmaker Joe Bloom to create a short film. The Rhythm Stick events management course, designed by and for people with disabilities, attracted 15 young participants. The events were hosted in Marcus Garvey Library as part of the Library Lates series.
  • Creative Learning received a grant to deliver a program of engagement across Haringey Library Service for Biblio-buzz 2024. This included performances, author readings, and discussions in libraries, with 30 schools enrolled in the program.
  • The Windrush 75: The Grip Exhibition, organised by Haringey artists collaborating with older Haringey Residents from the Windrush Generation, was exhibited at Bruce Castle Museum and became part of their archive.
  • 81 active volunteers were involved in various departments across Alexandra Palace and Park Palace. The CEO hosted a social event with the volunteers in September, expressing gratitude for their continued support and planning the launch of the 'By the People: 150 Lifetimes' project.
  • Incidents with fireworks included an intruder cutting communication cables in the park, endangering many lives. Security was increased to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.
  • Councillor Sean O’Donovan, the new Vice Chair of the APPCT Board, congratulated the events and performances, particularly praising the use of the Transmitter Hall. Councillor O’Donovan shared positive feedback on volunteering efforts, including firework displays and the Haringey Feast.
  • The carbon footprint pre-covid was ,3000 tonnes CO2e, this reduced to 2,243 tonnes CO2e in 2022/23.
  • Gas consumption for 2022/23 decreased by 21% compared to the previous year.
  • As the Palace bared a large and complex electrical distribution system installed in the 1980s it had been awarded a Local Energy Accelerator grant by the GLA in 2022. This grant funded a clean energy feasibility study that assessed potential ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the Palace and Park and there is still more work to be done in this area.
  • The main outcomes of the report include various building interventions to reduce demand, and the installation of ground source heat pumps and other options will be reviewed.
  • Regarding events and catering, plans are in place to produce more food in-house, reduce food waste, focus on local sourcing, and minimise packaging.
  • In terms of Transport, the Park team replaced two diesel vehicles with electric versions and reduced diesel consumption by almost 40%. The security team now operates an electric buggy instead of a diesel vehicle.
  • On recycling, improvements have been made, and additional suggestions have been proposed for signage and food waste separation. No waste from Alexandra Park and Palace goes to landfill.
  • The Environmental sustainability policy has been updated to reflect the previous 12 months.
  • The committee was informed that the facility team were addressing other issues, however there were challenges.
  • Emma informed the committee that the venue is unique in that there are no seats in the main auditorium. Therefore, Alexandra Park and Palace was ahead of the sector in terms of plastic usage, and the catering team continued to explore options for further improvement.


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