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Proposed Road Safety Improvements on Cranley Gardens, N10


The Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment, and Transport and Deputy leader of the Council considered a report regarding proposed road safety improvements on Cranley Gardens. The council has investigated the 36 months' collision data to January 2023, along

Cranley Gardens and can confirm that there have been ten recorded Personal Injury

Accidents (PIA), nine were slight and one was serious. Four of the PIA’s involved pedal

cyclists and three involved motor cyclists. A speed survey was conducted on Cranley Gardens, east of Ellington Road over a 7-day period in June 2022. The eastbound average speed was 24.2mph and the westbound average speed was 23.3mph. A second speed survey was also conducted on Cranley Gardens, east of Wood Vale over a 7-day period in June 2022. The eastbound average speed was 22mph and the westbound average speed was 22.2mph. Following concerns from the local community about speeding traffic, as part of this year’s Road Danger Reduction Investment Plan, the council is proposing to introduce speed reducing measures on Cranley Gardens, N10.The total cost of the scheme is £87,514 and funding is assigned through the agreed capital programme.


Councillor Connor attended this cabinet signing, questions were raised regarding other ways of speed reduction as opposed to speed bumps; cars on Cranley Gardens would have to park on these bumps. Officers clarified sinusoidal humps will be used and not speed cushions. They underlined that sinusoidal are the default. There were also concerns raised around surrounding roads and dangerous driving. Councillor Connor noted that she regularly received letters from residents regarding this and sought clarification on why action is being took specifically on Cranley Gardens. Officers explained that there were a high number of casualties on this street, however this would continue to be monitored alongside other adjacent roads. A future site visit would be arranged, and clear communication with more information would be put out so residents would have a better understanding of the issue and resolution. Councillor Connor had concerns around road closures and questioned why works on the street could not be completed at the same time. Officers explained there had already been one road closure for resurfacing. This had been completed. However, the road will be re-closed for these works. Completing both of these works at the same time was not technically possible, so for both operations there would have had to be separate road closures. It was noted by officers that it was unwise to delay these works, it would be most practical to do these works in the summer window as opposed to busier times in the year. Cllr Hakata confirmed a decision to measure the traffic on Etheldene Avenue and Wood Vale pre and post the speed humps being installed on Cranley Gardens. This was due to raised concerns from residents that these roads would become even busier with traffic using them to avoid slowing down on Cranley Gardens.





The Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment, and Transport and Deputy leader of the Council,




1.          To grant approval to proceed with the proposed speed reducing measures on Cranley Gardens N10, as set out on the plan in Appendix A, having taken the feedback from the public/statutory consultation into consideration.



Reasons for decision


The Council is required to consider the feedback received during the statutory notification

period, in particular any objections to the proposals, prior to proceeding to implementation. The proposals consulted upon will improve road safety and pedestrian accessibility.


Proposed Option


a) The Council of the London Borough of Haringey proposes to implement speed

humps under section 90a and 90c of the Highways Act 1980 and the Highways (Road

Humps) Regulations 1999 outside the following properties (unless otherwise stated):


b) Maximum height of the speed humps will be 100mm.




Cranley Gardens N10



Adjacent to No.158 Muswell Hill Road, No.2, No.8, No.43,

No.61, No.34, No.52, No.68, No.80, No.82, No.121, No.135,

No.147, No.142, No.177



Alternative options considered




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