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To approve the award of contract to the successful bidder of the Car Parking Management tender.


The Board considered the report which sought approval for the award of contract to the successful bidder of the Car Parking Management tender.


The report was discussed in the exempt part of the meeting to enable Board members to freely discuss all the information, with the agreement that all public information would be noted in the public minutes.


In response to questions, the following responses were noted:

·         The Parking Management Scheme would operate 365 days a year but revenue generation would be based on compliance rather than enforcement.

·         As the scheme was introduced, there would be an initial period where Customer Notice Letters (CNIs) would be used before any Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued.

·         Clarification meetings with tenderers had taken place as part of the Haringey Council procurement process. It was explained that this had allowed clarification on questions from the tender evaluation panel before final assessments were undertaken. As a result of this process, two of the bidders had increased their contract prices to include items that had been omitted from their original submissions but were desirable in the contract.

·         The capital costs, as outlined in the exempt report, involved items such as Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) cameras and pay machines and revenue costs relating to management and operational fees which would be paid monthly. The Trust did not have the capital to pay for infrastructure from the start of the contract but would re-pay this to the contractor over a period of five years. The infrastructure would then belong to the Trust and there was a clause in the contract which allowed the Trust to purchase the infrastructure without penalty if the contract was terminated early.

·         It was noted that the variable costs were:

-       Staffing, which, as the system was embedded, may be reduced: and

-       Maintenance costs due to the age of the car park infrastructure.

·         The assumptions about car parking income were considered to be reasonably accurate, based on the data from the existing donate to park scheme.

·         There would be a more detailed implementation timeline and a Trustee workshop would be held before the car park charging was implemented.

·         The management fees were fixed and any future decisions on car parking tariffs would need to take this into account as this would impact the Trust’s finances.

·         There were allowances in the costs for the replacement of cameras and maintenance work.

·         It was noted that lit signage would likely be problematic in the conservation area and details would be discussed with the provider.

·         In relation to a question about anti-social behaviour, it was noted that ANPR would be focused on charging for car parking and would not operate as a speed camera. It was stated that the Trust would have access to some data relating to vehicles which could be used to some extent, subject to the regulations around personal data.


Following consideration of the exempt information, it was




1.    To approve the award of contract for the provision of car park management infrastructure and services to Bidder 2, for a period of 10 years, with the option to extend for a further 5 years.


2.    To authorise the Haringey Council’s Head of Legal and Governance to seal the contract.


Councillor Hearn did not take part in the voting for this item.

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