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To receive an update from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on current issues and projects at Alexandra Park and Palace and additional information on the events programme and a range of activities of the Charitable Trust.


Louise Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, introduced the report which provided an update on current issues and projects at Alexandra Park and Palace and additional information on the events programme and a range of activities of the Charitable Trust. The following arose as part of the discussion of this report:

a.    Jacob O’Callaghan, Alexandra Park and Palace Conservation Area Advisory Committee, reiterated his concerns raised at the previous meeting around his view that the Trustees should be enforcing bylaws instead of the current traffic enforcement arrangements. Jacob O’Callaghan advised that he had written to the Head of Legal at Haringey Council on this point. As part of the discussion on this, it was suggested that increasing the charges associated with fixed penalty notices would not necessarily result in increased recovery of fines as the recovery process could be long and some people would simply not pay. It was suggested that there was also a correlation between the cost of the fine and its recovery rate. Cllr Stennett raised practical concerns with asking enforcement officers to operate in the area late at night.

b.    It was suggested that enforcement was difficult as it would require council enforcement officers to operate on APPCT land and would also likely require significant fines to make it financially viable.

c.    It was further commented that many people would like to see the removal of the barriers and barricades as they looked unsightly. The Chief Executive Officer acknowledged concerns about the barriers but commented that the bylaws were not considered to be the most cost effective measures and would also require using enforcement officers.

d.    The CEO advised the JSAC/CC that she was prioritising the Trust’s financial wellbeing at the minute and that she did not have a better solution to the barriers at present. The Chief Executive Officer suggested that she would continue to take stock of the issue and review it going forwards.

e.    In relation to a question, APPCT advised that the planning application for The Terrace  had been submitted a while ago but they had not received any indication from the Council on when this would be taken to Planning Committee.

f.     In response to a question around public toilet locations, the JSAC/CC was advised that there was a single toilet at the Pitch and Putt but this had been closed due to poor drainage. There were also toilets outside the lakeside café. The other toilet location was a compost toilet at the Learning Zone but this was not open to the public. The JSAC/CC commented on the need for good quality public toilet provision and that the opening times of the PBK would be confirmed (11:00 to 23:00, seven days a week).

g.    An application for a Changing Places scheme toilet had been submitted. It was also noted that that the Grove Café had a toilet but that this had been closed due to Covid.

h.    The JSAC/CC commented that the Phoenix Bar looked great. APPCT advised that a new food and drinks menu had been introduced to focus on pizzas and a good quality drinks offer. The CEO advised that number attending the Phoenix bar were increasing.  

i.      Concerns were raised about street lighting and the part of the park towards Muswell Hill in particular was commented as being quite dark. The JSAC/CC asked if an update on park lighting could be taken to a future meeting of the Board. In response the Palace agreed to bring an update to a future Board meeting. The CEO noted that lighting needed to be focused on the main routes through the park and that they also had to balance the need for lighting with nature conservation. (Action: Natalie Layton).

j.      In relation to a question about activities during Black History Month, the Palace advised that they were not holding any specific events but were contributing to the Council’s programme of events. The Creative Learning Zone were also looking at undertaking some small bits for Black History Month, including a social media post celebrating the life of Si Grant and his role in early television.

k.    In relation to an offer to provide the Palace with some content around the abolitionist movement, the CEO advised that any proposals should be put to her in writing and that she would take a look.

l.      The JSAC/CC enquired whether there was scope for existing events planned for Black History Month to be relocated to the Palace. The CEO advised that she would give any proposal put forward serious review and advised attendees to write to her with any proposals that they had.





To note the report.


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