Agenda item

Selby Urban Village Design Team Contract Variation

[Report of the Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning.  To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for House Building, Place-Making and Development]


For Cabinet to approve the variation of the existing contract with KCA as a result of an extension to the project's programme and extra work thereof.


Clerks note:  Councillor Diakides left the meeting at 7.55pm.


The Cabinet Member for House-Building, Place-Making and Development introduced the report which sought approval for the variation of a contract awarded in October 2019 to Karakusevic Carsen Architects (KCA) to lead masterplan design proposals for the Selby Urban Village from RIBA Stage 0-3.  Since the award of the contract, an increase of £225,855 was sought to cover the costs associated with the programme delay caused by the impact of covid-19 and the need for KCA and the Selby Trust and Council partnership to undertake and commission additional work to support the design proposals.


In response to questions from the Cabinet, the Assistant Director for Regeneration and Economic Development advised that planning permission would be sought in March 2022 (not 2021 as set out in the report), and officers were confident that the scheme would continue to progress well.


In response to questions from Councillor Palmer, the Assistant Director for Regeneration and Economic Development advised that this project went beyond co-design and was a good example of working together with the Trust for the best outcome.


Further to considering exempt information at item 21,




1.         Agree to vary the existing contract with the KCA to reflect:


a)            An extended programme

b)            Additional consultancy work

c)            Cover the costs of undertaking additional reports that are required as part of the planning process now the new London Plan has been adopted


2.         Approve the contingency amount set out in the exempt part of the report and to delegate to the Director of Housing, Regeneration & Panning, authority to approve the use of the contingency.


3.         In accordance with Contract Standing Order 10.02.1(b) approve the variation sum of £225,885 (excluding contingency), bringing the total contract value to £967,551.


Reasons for decision


The reasons for varying the existing contract are because the design programme has had to be extended to allow for further work to be completed, additional work has been and is required to inform decision making and because additional surveys are required to align to the new London Plan requirements.


The Selby Urban Village programme has been impacted by Covid -19 and the inability to undertake engagement with the community as programmed throughout the Spring 2020. The council is committed to a placemaking approach embracing c-design and co-production with the Selby Trust. The process has highlighted a number of areas which have required further optioneering to support the business case development and the design, notably the long-term management arrangements for the site, in particular the community sporting offer.  Whilst officers and the Design Team have worked hard to minimise the impact on the programme, it is the case that the design programme has been delayed by 6 months. Further information on the additional work and programme can be found in paragraphs 6.7 and 6.11.


In addition, the new London Plan requires further detailed information to support a planning application, consequently, further surveys and reports need to be commissioned to support the planning application. This work includes additional transport advice and evidence to support the transport strategy, fire safety advice, land contamination surveys and the development of a business case to support the design proposals for the sport offer on the site.


Alternative options considered


Officers have considered not extending the programme and commissioning additional work. However, this would mean that the design would not properly consider the long-term management and maintenance of the Selby Urban Village. Officers consider that it is right that time is taken to fully develop and consider the design alongside the management, so we can be confident that we have a sustainable development into the long-term.


The Council also considered not commissioning the additional reports required to support the planning application through KCA. However, their technical consultants are already embedded in the scheme and have the necessary knowledge and understanding required to develop the additional reports. Procuring this separately would cause further delay to the programme, given that we would need to undertake a procurement process and give consultants time to understand the detailed design proposals.

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