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Stroud Green Primary School - Phase 2 External Envelope and Building Services Improvement Works – Award of Construction Contract

[Report of the Director of Children’s Services.  To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for Early Years, Children and Families]


To request approval for an award of contract to carry out Building Services Improvement and External Envelope Phase 2 works at Stroud Green Primary School, and to approve issuance of Letter of Intent.


The Cabinet Member for Early Years, Children and Families introduced the report which sought approval for an award of contract to carry out Building Services Improvement and External Envelope Phase 2 works at Stroud Green Primary School, and to approve issuance of Letter of Intent.


In response to a question from Councillor Palmer it was advised that a strict safety programme had been developed for each school project to minimise the time students were decanted from school buildings and to ensure safety around the site.  If there were specific issues in relation to any school project then this could be raised with the Project Manager.


Further to considering exempt information at item 20,




1.         Approve an award of contract to Contractor A of £1,498,628.48.


2.         Approve a client construction contingency of 10% that equates to £149,862.85 which will be strictly managed under change control governance arrangements.


3.         Approve the issuance of a letter of intent for up to 10% of the contract value, totalling £149,862.85.


Reasons for decision


A major review of the condition and suitability of the Children’s Services estate has been undertaken which has informed the Children’s Service’s asset management plan (CSAMP).  This identified condition and suitability deficiencies in the primary, secondary, and wider Children’s Service estate that need addressing in the short, medium, and long-term.  Stroud Green Primary School is high priority for major works due to issues relating to safeguarding and school closure risks.


In 2018 an initial brief was given to undertake the most immediate (short term) health and safety, compliance, and resilience work. These findings included fire compartmentation, fire doors and cold-water system replacement and were subject to a separate award under delegated powers.


In 2019 a further commission was given to further investigate and address urgent works relating to the condition of building services (i.e. heating), external envelope (i.e. roofs, windows) and boundary security.


A scheme for Stroud Green Primary School was developed into 2 phases. Phase 1 sought to meet the criteria for Public Sector Decarbonisation (Salix) grant funding (a grant contribution of £129,000), minimise disruption to the school by maximising access over the 2021 school summer holiday period, ensure resilience for heating and hot water and support a comprehensive phasing plan. A construction award to Mulalley & Co Ltd was supported by Cabinet on the 15th June 2021 and commenced on site in July 2021. Phase 1 works include heating distribution system upgrade, secondary glazing, loft insulation and new entrance and accessible toilet) works.  Both phases of works will improve the condition of the building for better education delivery but will also improve the energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions during operation.


This construction award report requests a decision on the procurement of a Contractor A to undertake Phase 2 works:


·                     Windows and roof repairs

·                     External walls repairs

·                     Repairs to external stairs

·                     Repairs and redecoration to brick boundary walls

·                     Repairs to underground drainage


Alternative options considered


Do nothing option - a decision not to support this award of construction contract will result in the Councils failure to suitably maintain its education estate by undertaking essential condition improvements. This would increase the likelihood of reactive works which will create greater disruption and cost to the council and potentially result in the loss of education days. All of which would undoubtedly impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

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