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Feedback to the statutory consultation on parking permits and charges

[Report of the  Director for Environment and Neighbourhoods. To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods]


Cabinet approval to proceed following considering of the feedback on the consultation.


[ Clerk’s note – Cllr Ibrahim left the meeting at 7.04pm]


The Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods introduced the report which set out the results of the statutory consultation undertaken on proposed changes to parking permits and parking charges, and sought approval for the implementation of the proposals as set out in the recommendations.


The Cabinet Member advised that during the consultation process 54,000 residents had been directly targeted, and 2776 residents had objected to elements of the proposal. 374 residents had responded in support of the proposal.


The Cabinet Member referred to sections 1.2 and 6.5 of the report which set out the proposals for parking permit charges being agreed at the meeting.


The appendix at pages 220-231 set out the financial changes in real terms, which was a £10 increase per year for low emission vehicles and £20 increase per year for high emission vehicles. [Clerks note - The report at paragraph 6.5 advised that the changes consulted on include a £10 increase across all existing charge bands to help cover the cost of running the service - later in the meeting at item 14, the Cabinet Members were asked to confirm that they had read the report and recommendations which included this information.]


In response to a question from Councillor Ogiehor, the Cabinet Member agreed to investigate with the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Sustainability and Head of Carbon Reduction  how residents with off-street parking could be encouraged to switch to low emission vehicles as part of the Air Quality Action Plan.





1.         To consider the representations received in response to the statutory consultation on parking permits and charges as set out in paragraph 9 (consultation results) and in Appendix 1 to this report.


2.         While the majority of respondents did not support the proposals consulted on, their contribution to the delivery of strategic objectives, with associated health benefits needs to be considered.



3.         To agree that Cabinet authorise officers to proceed to draft the relevant Traffic Management Orders to implement the following measures as also set out in Appendix 2 by November 2020:



           A £10 increase across all existing parking permit charge bands.

           An £80 surcharge on all parking permits issued to diesel fuelled vehicles.

           A £50 surcharge on second and subsequent residential parking permits per household.

           To limit permit account holders to the use of two daily visitor permits per day.

           To increase the charge for daily Visitor Permits in all Controlled Parking Zones to £4.

           To introduce a free virtual residential parking permit for Disabled Blue Badge Holders for their home CPZ, replacing the exiting Companion Badge.

           To introduce a £20 administration fee on parking permit refunds except for visitor parking permits which shall be non-refundable.


Reasons for decision


The Council is required to consider objections and representations received in response to Statutory Consultation undertaken on any changes to parking permits and charges. Following that consideration, to decide whether to proceed to implementation of measures as set out at paragraph 3 (III) above.


Alternative options considered


Consideration was given to relying on National and Regional levers to influence car ownership and use. Those measures include the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to Haringey in 2021. However, Haringey’s ambitions in terms of improving air quality require decisive local measures to be implemented. This is also considered a timely opportunity to implement measures that improve the health and well-being opportunities for all borough residents.


Consideration was given to introducing concessions for Euro 6 diesel fuelled vehicles. However, the findings from recent research confirm that these vehicle types still have high levels of harmful emissions. This is supported by the International Council on Clean Transportation who suggest that even the newest, cleanest Euro 6 diesel vehicles emit high levels of harmful nitrogen oxide. It was subsequently felt that all diesel fuelled vehicles should be subject to the surcharge.


Consideration was given to introducing the 25% diesel surcharge on on-street and car park charges from November 2020, as part of a package of measures to reduce diesel related pollutants. However, following due consideration of the feedback to the consultation, this will not be implemented at this point in time. This will also help support our town centres in their recovery from the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic.






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