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Supply of Goods and Services for Cameras Refresh, Upgrade and Network Extension – Contract Award

[Report of the Director of Environment and Neighbourhoods. To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for Communities and Equalities.]


This report seeks approval from Cabinet for the award of contract under Contract Standing Order (CSO) 9.07.1 (d) for the design, supply and installation at site, testing and completion of the works and the remedying of defects in the works in accordance with the Contract of CCTV cameras.


The Cabinet Member for Communities and Equalities introduced the report which sought approval approve the award of contract for the supply of CCTV goods and services .Through this contract award, the Council would double the size of its camera network. The award of the contract included replacement, refresh and extension of the Council’s camera network.


It was noted that as well as increasing the number of cameras the Council would take advantage of latest technology, providing high quality evidential footage to support any necessary enforcement and quality real time coverage to manage incidents dynamically. Through this contract award, the Council would also be able to increase coverage to enable better management of the road traffic network.


Noted that there would be an increase to the pool of redeployable cameras to increase the tools available to tackle crime and Anti-social behaviour (ASB) hotspots. This will increase flexibility and capacity, and having solved an issue in one location we can then lift and shift our capability to other areas.


The Cabinet Member expressed that the recommendations would allow for a fit out of a modern new control room, operated jointly with Homes for Haringey and the Metropolitan Police. The new control room would bring together all the key agencies in the borough able to provide a joined up seamless response to crime and ASB as it occurs.


Further to considering the exempt information at item 32,




That pursuant to Contract Standing Order 9.07.1(d), to approve the award of contract for the supply of CCTV goods and services to the successful bidder named in the exempt report for a period of 4 years under a schedule of rates framework (detailed in the Contract – and Appendix A of the exempt report) up to a maximum spend of £2.1m.


Reasons for decision


The Council initiated a competitive exercise through the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) and an OJEU notice was issued on 02 August 2019, to invite tenders with submissions due on 04 September 2019. The procurement process followed the Open Procedure in accordance with Regulation 27 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015. A total of seven providers registered interest and one provider submitted a bid for the contract.


The tender procedure consisted of a single stage process, including ‘selection questions’ and six qualitative questions, assessing the bidders against the broad range of required experience, skills and capabilities as described in the specification. The submitted bid has been evaluated against price and quality to ensure that it delivers value for money.


The successful bidder has demonstrated its ability and capability through responses to the tender requirements and questions, and it is therefore proposed to be the successful provider.


Alternative options considered


Doing nothing – continue as is, repairing the existing frail infrastructure that dates back to 2006.This option was not progressed as ultimately it risks infrastructure failure and loss of CCTV capability. Risks associated with failure include loss of public and key stakeholders’ confidence, increased crime and disorder, failures in traffic management and loss of related income.



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