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Veolia Performance - Waste and Street Cleansing update.


The Panel received a report which set out current performance on waste and recycling. The report also set out progress against Borough Plan commitments for waste and street cleansing such as fly-tipping, as well as the reduction, reuse and recycling of products. The report was introduced by Zoe Robertson, Head of Commissioning and Client Services as set out in the agenda pack. The following was noted in response to the discussion of the report.

a.    In response to a question, the Panel was advised that the number of fly-tips had reduced by around 2000 from the year before. The performance scorecard included in the report was made up of a number of contractual performance indicators and the Panel noted that overall Veolia was meeting these targets. The recycling rate was the key performance indicator that was underperforming. Officers advised that the Mayor’s waste plan was scheduled to come to November Cabinet.

b.    In response to a question, officers confirmed that the Veolia contract contained provision for leaf clearance and that this was undertaken as part of street cleansing operations. Officers advised that due to the mix of trees, it was not possible to plan leaf collections around specific tree species. In response to a follow up question, officers advised that Veolia did sweep fallen leaves from around drains but would not pump the drains to clear leaves that had fallen in there.

c.    In response to concerns about the level of engagement with residents groups, officers acknowledged that there was active engagement work undertaken with the community and that this proved be a valuable source of local information as well as providing a targeted service that produced value for money. Officers conceded that there was further scope for additional engagement work and that they would like to see more of this undertaken. In response, a Panel member highlighted that reductions had been made in recent years in Veolia’s community engagement team. The Cabinet Member acknowledged this and emphasised that a number of very difficult decision had been made in recent years in relation to both the client and the contract. The Cabinet Member advised that she was happy to consider recommendations from Members of active residents’ groups within the borough who could be engaged with going forwards. (Action: Panel Members to note).

d.    In  response to a question, officers advised that they also had performance data at a ward and, in some cases, a street level. However, the indicators included in the report were contractual performance measures and therefore represented borough-wide performance. The Chair of the Panel and the Chair of OSC agreed to speak with the Cabinet Member and officers to pick up which ward level data they would like to pick up going forwards (Chair/Cllr Das Neves).

e.    In response to a question about measuring waste, it was confirmed that waste was measured and broken down into categories such as dry recycling, green waste, food waste etcetera. The overall volume of waste had not decreased, however the amount of recyclable waste was on a downward trajectory.

f.     In response to a question about waste from businesses and commercial premises, officers advised that the figures presented in the report related to household waste only and that commercial waste was monitored separately. Commercial premises were required to have a commercial waste contract in place and there were a number of different providers in Haringey (including Veolia). Officers agreed to circulate figures on the amount of residential vs trade waste generated. (Action: Zoe Robertson).

g.    Officers also agreed to circulate the outcomes from the Team Noel Park pilot scheme along with an accompanying briefing note to the Panel. (Cllr Chandwani/Zoe Robertson).

h.    In response to a question around food waste in flats above shops, officers confirmed that collection of food waste was not currently available due to a lack of space to store the food waste bins at these type of premises.  




That the Panel noted performance to date and comments on progress against Borough Plan objectives.

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