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New Operating Model for Adult Social Care

[To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing. Report of the Deputy Chief Executive]This paper sets our the strategic context for the  delivery of Priority 2 of the Corporate Plan and specifically how key components of a new operating model are being developed within that context. The report further requests Cabinet approval for the implementation of the new operating model.



The Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing introduced the report which described that the new operating model for Adults was a representation of how the Council need to operate Adult Social Care services in the future. The overall framework for the Adult’s Service, along with the principles of how the services will work together, and with partners was set out. The Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing advised that the separate strands of work emanating from the Operating Model would individually be consulted upon with service users and they would come back for approval to Cabinet at a later date.


In response to a question from Cllr Connor, on why service users were not involved in the compilation of the model, the Cabinet Member advised that, similarly to the Children’s Services Operating Model, the overall framework for the service had been compiled with staff and stakeholders input and there would be service user and staff consultation on stands of the framework going forward and a reports back to Cabinet at later dates as mentioned.




              I.                That the principles underpinning the new operating model for adult social care set out in Paragraph 7 be approved.


            II.                The operating model for adult social care set out in Paragraph 9 be approved.



Alternative options considered

To do nothing is not an option. Legislative changes, demographic pressures and budget challenges mean that to continue to provide care and support in the current manner is unsustainable.  The current operating model will not deliver revised national policy or achieve the outcomes expected.


The proposed model in this report is the outcome of workshops held with managers in Adult Services where the focus was very much about the service user journey, the purpose being to maintain people’s independence as far as possible, streamline processes and provide flexible support. Consideration was given to incremental change but the view was that to meet the challenge of delivering sustainable, responsive services over the next three years, we require system change and a whole Council response, from the population level onwards.


The target operating model proposed in this report is closely aligned to the ADASS model, referred to in paragraph 1.2, providing the basis for delivering sustainable services in the future.


Reason for Decision

To implement a new operating model for Adult Social Services which enables all Haringey resident to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives with control over what is important to them. National policy drivers are very much about empowering people to take control. For example, one major driver is The Care Act, the main elements of which have been implemented in April 2015, with further elements to be implemented from April 2016. As well as legislative changes and changes in people’s expectations, there is growth in need and demand for support. To meet these challenges we need to transform the delivery of care and support, shifting from providing high cost services, such as residential care, to supporting people to live in their own homes and communities as far as possible.


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