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Dog Control Orders – Robert Curtis, Lead Tactical Enforcement Officer


The presentation is attached to the minutes.


Information on all aspects of the Dog Control Orders can be found on the website -


Residents could report incidents by calling 020 8489 1335.


ACTION: Members requested that an update on the Dog Control Orders be provided in 6 months time, with statistical comparisons before and after implementation.


Chuggers – Daliah Barrett, Lead Officer Licensing


Since the issue had last been raised at the Forum, Cllr Canver had been working with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) with a view to developing a site management agreement across the main town centres in the borough. 


The main areas that would be covered were likely to be Crouch End Broadway, High Road Wood Green (Turnpike Lane – Wood Green Tube), High Road Tottenham (Seven Sisters Tube – borough boundary), Muswell Hill Broadway and Green Lanes (Endymion Road – Colina Road).  Once these areas are signed off and agreed by the Leader, work would begin with the PFRA to develop the finer details with regards to how many collectors, the defined areas where they can stand as well as the days and times they will be permitted to be in the area.


If residents had any suggestions as to which roads could be included and finer details such as times, dates and number of people they could contact Daliah by email –


Hornsey Town Hall – John McGrath, Director Capital Programmes; Laura Bridges, Senior Project Officer; Neil Simon, Asset Manager; Sue Robertson, Mountview; and Liz Sich, Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust.


The presentation is attached to the minutes.  A Memorandum of Understanding was also provided and is attached to the minutes.


Residents can contact the project team for further information, or to make comments and suggestions by email –

ACTION: Members requested a breakdown of the interim costs of the project to Haringey to date.


Post Meeting note:

The Chair submitted a Members’ Enquiry, and received the following responses:


1)     What is the nature of LBH’s financial commitment to Mountview?

a.     Has a specific capital contribution been agreed? Is this an amount, a proportion of the sales receipt, a proportion of the costs, or something else?

Cabinet agreed a specific contribution (a fixed amount) in April 2011 based on the anticipated receipt from the sale of the land minus the costs incurred by the Council to date.  The amount is commercially sensitive and considered exempt information.


b.     How will any capital surplus be dealt with? E.g. is there opportunity to consider increasing the amount of affordable housing in the development?

If there is any surplus from the capital receipt it will be used to offset costs incurred by the Council on the project to date.  If there is any surplus remaining it will be added to the Council’s capital fund which is used to fund other capital projects. Changing the affordable housing provision would have a significant impact on the land sale receipt and potentially compromise the successful delivery of the project.


c.      If this has not been agreed yet, who is empowered to make this decision? 

The contribution and allocation of the land sales receipt was decided in the April 2011 Cabinet Report.


2)     How much is the accumulated costs to the council to date that need to be recovered from the capital receipts?

This is approximately £2.5m.   These costs would be higher without the interim uses such as Filming productions that have been in place over the last few years which are offsetting ongoing running and maintenance costs.


3)     How many gate stage reviews have there been so far, and are notes from them available?

A gateway review was held in 2010 with HTHCT, this was prior to the decision being made by Cabinet to progress with Mountview’s proposal.   The Gateway Review process relating to the Mountview scheme will take place late 2013/ early 2014.


4)     Who is empowered to make the decision to dispose of the site for residential development?

This decision has been made by Cabinet in April 2011 to dispose the building and a portion of the site to Mountview under a long lease and the remainder of the site to the open market. A report will be presented to Cabinet for a decision on the bids received for the development land following the marketing of the site.


5)     Who is empowered to make the decision to enter into the lease with Mountview?

This decision has been made by Cabinet in April 2011 where the Heads of Terms were included in the Cabinet Report.  The Head of Corporate Property has delegated authority to agree and sign the final lease.