Agenda item



Area Forum Item 1 - Hornsey Town Hall


Action 1 - The Chair would ask the Cabinet Member for Finance and Carbon Reduction for a copy of the Heads of Terms that was to be signed by the Council and representatives of Mountview Academy Representatives. This was requested by Adrian Essex. ACTION: CHAIR


Action 2 - A member of the public who was an Islington resident agreed to provide the Chair with details of a contact in Islington Council who the Chair can liaise with regarding including Islington residents on communication about the development of Hornsey Town Hall. ACTION: LOCAL RESIDENT & CHAIR



Area Forum Item 2 - Parliamentary Boundary Changes Consultation


Action 3 - Residents could get more information at:



Area Forum Item 3 – Highways Update


Residents could report problems on roads, refuse, recycling, parking:

or 020 8489 1335 or


Action 4 - Officers were asked to identify areas where puddles were forming around ‘sloping policemen’ / speed humps in wet weather so that remedial action could be taken. ACTION: Highways Officers & Director Place & Sustainability


Action 5 - Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)


A review of the wording on signage in the Stroud Green CPZ was requested.  Current signs were unclear about parking restrictions on public holidays and on Arsenal home match days. Local contacts include local ward councillors and Sally Billot. ACTION: Director Place & Sustainability/ Head of Neighbourhoods/ Transport Consultation Officer


Action 6 - Clarity of who was entitled to essential user parking permits in Stroud Green would be provided. ACTION: Director Place & Sustainability/ Head of Neighbourhoods


Action 7 - Customer Service Centre


Lyn Garner to meet with Cllr Butcher to discuss concerns with the Council’s Customer Service Centre. ACTION: Director Place & Sustainability/ Cllr Butcher


Action 8 – Dog Control Orders


Comments on the Council’s consultation on proposals for dog control orders can be sent to:



Area Forum Item 4 – Fortnightly Collection Pilot Scheme


The Forum welcomed the initiative to increase recycling rates in the borough   but expressed concerns about the move to fortnightly collections relating to the practicality and safety of large bins in smaller front gardens, particularly at properties with basement premises. 


It was noted that residents were able to retain the current green bins although they should not utilised for recycling.




i.                    That it be recommended that residents are informed in advance of whether their properties will be part of the pilot and are provided with options for smaller bins.


ii.                  That the letter informing residents about the fortnightly collections pilot (being sent in January 2012) included the offer of a smaller 120 litre wheelie bin instead of a full size 240 litre bin.


iii.                That assurances be sought from Council officers that the collection of general waste after public holidays did not exceed 14 days since the previous collection and that residents’ views will be taken into account.


iv.                 That residents’ concerns be resolved before the new waste collection arrangement be implemented.


Action 9 - The Chair would write a letter to the Cabinet Member and Director of Place and Sustainability highlighting the concerns raised during the Area Forum. ACTION: Chair/ Director – Place & Sustainability


Bulky Waste

The collection of bulky waste could be arranged by calling Veolia directly on 020 8885 7700.  Residents were informed that only bulky waste that was recyclable would be collected for free.



Area Forum Item 6 – Draft Area Plan


Area Plan and Chimes Terrace Development

Action 10 - A resident suggested that funds from the Section 106 Agreement relating to the Chimes Terrace Development be put towards the area and included in the Area Plan.  The Chair would investigate what funds were available. ACTION: CHAIR


Action 11 - Following a presentation from Prof. Clarke, it was decided that an exercise to  establish the exact boundary of the Parkland Walk be included as a priority on the Area Plan.  The boundary should also be included on the Council’s website. ACTION: Senior Project Manager - Community Safety & Engagement



Area Forum Item 8 – Parish Pump


Encroachment on Parkland Walk


Action 12 - A meeting with Council officers would be arranged with Professor Clarke (clerk will provide contact details), residents and Cllr Wilson to discuss the issue.  ACTION: Chair/ Director – Place & Sustainability


Action 13 – Officers were asked to conduct a survey of Parkland Walk and establish a proper boundary map, which could also be shown on the Council’s website.


Jamaica Village


The draft minutes of the Jamaica Village Licensing Hearing can be found at the minutes item (agenda item 4) using the following link:


Action 14 - Concerns about this event should be passed on to the Director of Place and Sustainability. ACTION: Residents/ Committee Members