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Pre-2011 Planning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Pre-2011 Planning Committee.


Information about Pre-2011 Planning Committee

The Planning Committee (previously known as the Planning Applications Sub-Committee until 21 May 2007) meets every 3-4 weeks to take non-executive decisions on the larger, contentious planning applications, which cannot be determined under delegated powers. The Committee is also updated on the outcome of delegated decisions, appeals to the Secretary of State and performance statistics for development control, building control and planning enforcement action. Occasionally the Committee is asked to consider recommendations to adopt local Statutory Planning Guidance or the Unitary Development Plan.  Such recommendations are then referred to the Executive for a final decision.  


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Please note that, following the Governance Review in 2011, this Committee ceased to operate – for information on Planning meetings after May 2011, please follow links to the Planning Sub Committee.