Agenda and draft minutes

Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee
Tuesday, 5th October, 2021 7.15 pm

Venue: George Meehan House, 294 High Road, N22 8JZ

Contact: Felicity Foley, Committees Manager 

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The Chair informed all present that the meeting would be streamed on the Council’s website.


Apologies for absence (if any)


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Berryman, Chenot, James and Opoku.


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 336 KB

To consider the minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 2021.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 2021 be approved as a correct record.


Performance Management : children and families pdf icon PDF 483 KB

This report provides an analysis of the performance data and trends for an agreed set of measures relating to looked after children on behalf of the Corporate Parenting Advisory Committee.


Richard Hutton, Senior Performance Officer, introduced the report as set out. 


Officers responded to questions from the Committee:


Care Plans

There had been difficultly in terms of updating care plans due to lockdown and Covid.  A recent key challenge was around staffing.  There were a number of vacancies within the service.  Work was being carried to improve this.  It was worth noting that this was not an issue specific to Haringey.



35% was an improvement compared to previous figures, and Haringey were ahead of the England average.  There was dedicated support from Haringey Works for the 18-25 population. 


The Chair requested that some case studies be included in the next performance report on success within the employment market.  ACTION


The report was noted.




Stop and search (verbal update)


Ann Graham, Director of Children’s Services, and Beverly Hendricks, Assistant Director for Safeguarding and Social Care, provided a presentation on stop and search.


Officers responded to questions from the Committee:


Police were aware of the trust and confidence issues with some young people, and it was pleasing that the Police felt comfortable to share this information with the Council.  There would always be discussions around trust and confidence with the Police, but it was important to focus on positives with children and young people.


This report was shared with HMI probation when the thematic inspection on disproportionality for black and dual heritage boys took place, and they were impressed with the joint work carried out.  Councillor Weston suggested that this should be shared with the Mayor of London to bring their attention to the good work carried out.


The Chair suggested that a joint event with the Police could be held with wider colleagues to share this information.


The report was noted.


Adopt London North (ALN) Annual Report pdf icon PDF 187 KB

This Annual Report details the work of Adopt London North (ALN) since its inception in October 2019 until March 2021 including information about ways of working, activity and development work.

Additional documents:


Lydia Samuel introduced the report as set out.


Members noted that it was good to see this piece of work starting to show results.  It was reassuring to see the Haringey figures and good relationships being built.


Officers responded to questions from the Committee:


People were welcomed when considering adoption, but were not encouraged to rush into the assessment process.  It took a minimum of six months to be approved and be ready for a placement.  More comparative data would be available over time.


Generally, Haringey had one of the highest levels for adoption.  Once more data was available then analysis could be carried out.


Court decisions were around triple the time taken pre-Covid, and now took around 18 months rather than 26 weeks.


There was not a great deal of information in relation to adoption breakdown, because adoptions were not monitored by the Local Authorities once the court decision had been made. 


The report was noted.


Haringey Virtual School Annual Report for Academic Year 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 362 KB

The purpose of this report is to outline the activity of the Virtual School Head (VSH), Haringey Virtual School (HVS) and the educational outcomes of Haringey Council’s Looked after children (LAC) for the academic year 2019-20.  It reflects on achievements and identifies areas in need of development to achieve the best outcomes for this vulnerable group.

Additional documents:


Nicola Morgan, Headteacher – Virtual Head of Schools, introduced the report as set out.


The Committee commended the work carried out and the good progress made.


The report was noted.


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