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Community Safety Partnership
Wednesday, 6th October, 2021 2.00 pm

Venue: MS Teams

Contact: Philip Slawther, Principal Committee Co-ordinator 

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The Chair referred Members present to agenda Item 1 as shown on the agenda in respect of filming at this meeting, and Members noted the information contained therein.



To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from; Zina Etheridge, Stephen McDonnell, Tracie Downie and Geoffrey Ocen.


The Borough Commander also gave apologies as he was attending a memorial event, which was overrunning. Chris Jones, from the Metropolitan Police attended the meeting as a substitute. 


Urgent Business

The Chair will consider the admission of any items of Urgent Business. (Late items of Urgent Business will be considered where they appear. New items of Urgent Business will be considered under Item x below).




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Members of the Board must declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests with respect to agenda items and must not take part in any discussion with respect to those items.




Minutes pdf icon PDF 327 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 14 July as a correct record.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 14 July were agreed as a correct record.



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To note the membership of the CSP.




Haringey Community Gold Update, including mini documentary pdf icon PDF 371 KB

As part of Haringey Community Gold’s 3-year journey, our young people pulled together a mini-documentary to highlight the work, and celebrate the successes of the programme. On Wednesday 15 September 2021, the team showcased the film at Cineworld in Wood Green, and you can now watch from




The Partnership received a report which provided an update regarding the Haringey Community Gold programme 2019-21, approved by Cabinet in March 2019. It set out progress made in the delivery of commitments made against the Young People at Risk Action Plan and in terms of governance arrangements. The Partnership were asked to note that Greater London Authority funding comes to an end on 31st December 2021. In addition to the report, the Partnership were also shown a mini-documentary ‘Our Impact’ which provided a number of testimonies from young people about the impact of Community Gold on them. The longer version of the documentary was premiered at the cinema in Wood Green and was available to watch at the link provided on the agenda. The report and the video were introduced by Eduardo Araujo, Senior Tottenham Community Safety Manager, as set out in the agenda pack at pages 17-20.


The following arose in discussion of this item:

  1. The Partnership commended the video short as well as the screening event that took place.
  2. The Partnership also praised the work that Haringey Community Gold had done, suggesting that gains from employment and training would percolate into wider areas across the community. The Partnership noted with concern the fact that funding was due to end at the end of the year, and it was suggested that every effort should be made to keep this going.
  3. The Chair advised partners that she had a meeting with the VRU and the Deputy Mayor of policing to urge them to continue funding the programme, as well as promulgating the value of early intervention work in this area more generally.
  4. Assurance was sought from officers around what work had been done in anticipation of the looming funding deadline. Officers were also asked to comment on the key areas to highlight and key areas to take forward.  In response, officers advised that a number of evaluations had been carried out on the successful contributions that the programme had made to the community.  Officers set out that one of the key lasting benefits was the links made across the community and across the Council and partners which had allowed the programme to flourish and had demonstrated the value of cross-partners working. It was also noted that the youth outreach work was seen as being pivotal and would be something that everyone involved would like to see continue. Officers agreed to share the academic evaluation of the programme with the Cabinet Member For Children, Families and Early years. (Action: Eubert Malcom).
  5. Officers added that there had also been some key learning points around smaller partnership working for future bids, as well as how to work with the private sector; a framework had been developed to support this.
  6. In response to a question around whether links had been developed with specific groups such as Turkish/Kurdish groups and Somali groups vis-a-vis ongoing funding from the Mayor’s Office, officers advised that cultural engagement with specific groups had taken place and that the key element  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.


Children & Young People Safeguarding Update

Verbal Update.


The Partnership received a verbal update on children and young people’s safeguarding from Bev Hendricks, the AD for Safeguarding and Social Care. The key points were noted as:

  • Safeguarding was identified as being more important than ever and as a fast changing area of support/intervention, which had been impacted by a range of factors such as Brexit and Covid.
  • The role of safeguarding professionals had changed across the spectrum.
  • Rapid adaptions were required to deal with multiple victimisations cases associated with Everyone Invited, exploitation and hybrid safeguarding approaches emerging from extra and intra familial harm.
  • Many families had lost loved ones and traditionally teachers and school staff would have been central to providing support during this process
  • The missing children protocol was being relaunched with the aim of it having a wider focus across the community and partners. VCS partners had been approached to assist with return to home interviews.
  • Work was continuing around VAWG.
  • Partners were asked to contribute to the revisiting of the framework to increase community resilience through reducing vulnerability and exploitation and continue with the broader whole-systems approach.

The Partnership agreed for children and young people’s safeguarding to be a standing item on future agendas. (Action: Clerk).

In response to a request for clarification, officers set out that they needed all partners to review and comment on the missing protocol. Partners were also requested to take part in training in the first chance approach to widen the pool of people who could undertake the return home interviews. The CSP were also requested to develop dedicated collaborative workstreams to co-ordinate and drive the changes to cultural movements such as Me Too and VAWG.  (Action: All).

In response to the above, the police advised that there were a number of workstreams that would overlap with this. The Chair requested that the above requests were emailed to the Borough Commander for his consideration. (Action: Clerk)

Partners commented that there was also some scope to include safeguarding for those transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Officers agreed that there was a significant amount of crossover and that having a standing item on the agenda would allow the CSP to take a look into all of the key workstreams. It was also commented that there was some overlap on the framework with other bodies, such as the Health and Wellbeing Board.





Haringey Crime Performance Overview pdf icon PDF 190 KB

Additional documents:


The Partnership received a cover report and accompanying presentation which provided an update on crime performance in the 12 months to August 2021 as compared to the preceding 12 month period, as well as compared to the previous 3-year average. Partners noted that overall crime had reduced by 3% since August 2020, and almost all crime categories had also experienced significant reductions. Performance in most areas was similar to the large reductions noted across

London as a whole and other in other individual boroughs. Haringey had experienced larger than average reductions in knife crime and robbery offending. The report and presentation were introduced by Sandeep Broca, Intelligence Analysis Manager, as set out in the agenda pack at pages 21-34. The following arose during the discussion of the presentation:

  1. Partners welcomed the 31% reduction in personal robberies as well as a 31% reduction in knife crime over the 12 month period, particularly given the historically high level of instances of these crime types.
  2. In regard to a question around what was being done to tackle hotspot locations, Chris Jones advised that the Commissioner had just announced the launch of the Town Centre Police Teams which would equate to an extra 25 officers in Haringey. In addition to this Haringey was going to receive a doubling of its neighbourhood teams in the east of the borough. The police advised that the Wood Green Town Centre Team had already been selected and would be up and running shortly, which would relieve pressure in high footfall areas.
  3. Police colleagues commented that improvements could be made around how the Police and Partnership communicated their successes to the community. The Police were developing a wide ranging comms strategy and as part of that, they were looking at bringing the communications unit under the direct management of the BCU Commander. This would create opportunities for joint messaging between the Council and the Police.
  4. The Police also advised that they were evaluating whether too many resources had been focused on drugs and whether some of this resource should be reprioritised to violent offending. An assessment of specialist crime units as well as dedicated Met. Policing assets was also being undertaken, with the overall aim of reprioritising police staff on the BCU.
  5. Enfield had undertaken a public health mapping exercise of the east of the borough and there was a high degree of correlation between DV, school exclusions and high areas with a high concentration of gangs. The Leader commented that she would be interested to see whether a similar exercise could be undertaken for the east of Haringey.
  6. In response to a question around how the police responded to particular crime trends at a location, partners were advised that the police met with key partners, including the Council, at fortnightly tactical crime meetings where hotspots were discussed and additional resources could be requested to tackle particular problems. Police colleagues also outlined the development of real-time crime mapping capabilities through the Met Insight system. It was suggested that this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 27.


LCPF/VRU Funding 2022 onwards pdf icon PDF 206 KB

Additional documents:



The Partnership received a presentation and covering report from Joe Benmore which outlined MOPAC decision on the Local Crime Prevention Funding and Violence Reduction Funding for from 2022 to 2025 as set out in the agenda pack at pages 35-48.


The CSP was advised that in 2016, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden, made a commitment to maintain the London Crime Prevention Fund (LCPF) budget at £72 million over 4 years, despite reductions to the Policing grant.

Following the postponement of the Mayoral election in 2020, existing funding was

continued for a year until the end of March 2022 with a view to confirming future

years awards once the Mayoral elections took place in May 2021. Haringey would be maintaining its exiting level of funding that for 2021-22 that it had in place since 2016, which was approximately £550k for LCPF projects and £200k for the VRU.


The CSP was asked to feed into the discussion about which priorities partners wished to support going forwards. The Board was asked to support Community Safety colleagues in pulling together these proposals in support of the next funding year 2022-23. Jackie Difolco requested that she be involved in the process and that links were made with the Early Year’s Strategy and transformation for young people who have family members involved in criminal behaviour. Chantelle also requested to link in with this work from a VAWG perspective. Officers agreed that they would reach out to colleagues outside of the meeting and take this forward over October and November. (Action: Joe Benmore).


Following a request, officers agreed to give the LCPF/VRU funding presentation to the Youth Justice Board. (Action: Joe Benmore).


In response to a question around how the issues of violence and drugs could be separated, from a funding allocation perspective, officers advise that there had been a treatment focus adopted in recognition that drug sales were funding the violence in no small part. 




That the CSP noted the contents of the report and accompanying presentation.



Offensive Weapon Homicide Pilot pdf icon PDF 206 KB

Additional documents:


The Partnership received a presentation and covering report from Joe Benmore which set out the Home Office proposals to introduce an Offensive Weapon Homicide Review Process as set out in the agenda pack at pages 49-56. The following arose during the discussion of this agenda item:

  1. The new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which was making its way through Parliament would include new provisions for local safeguarding partners to conduct a homicide review following the death of an individual aged 18 or over where offensive weapons have, or are believed to have, been involved. The intention was that new reviews would improve the national and local understanding of causes, patterns, victims, and perpetrators of violence; improve the response to serious violence on a national and local scale; and ultimately reduce victims and save lives.
  2. Officers outlined that of the estimated 510 homicides in 2019 that did not meet the criteria for a review, 251 involved offensive weapons. Once the Bill received Royal Assent, Haringey would be one of the boroughs involved in an 18 month review pilot to start next early next year. 
  3. Officers advised that in preparation for the pilot early next year, Crest Advisory and Gate One would be working with the Home Office to ensure that the Homicide Review Process worked for the pilot areas, and eventually, the broader local partnerships across England and Wales. A programme of engagement with national and local stakeholders was underway to facilitate the co-design of the Homicide Review process.
  4. Colleagues from key services with experience and knowledge around homicide review processes including; Children’s, Adults, Community Safety, Public Health were asked to participate as and when Haringey was contacted to shape the new review processes. In response, partners agreed to assist in this.
  5. Partners questioned the extent to which this would be similar to a serious case review and cautioned that previous experience had highlighted the importance of acting on the recommendations and the danger of having successive reviews that came up with the same areas of concern. In response, officers acknowledged these concerns and advised that the process did appear to be similar to that of existing serious case reviews.
  6. The Board requested that it receive a briefing on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill at its next meeting in December. (Action: Joe Benmore).




  1. That the CSP noted the contents of the report


  1. That the CSP agreed to contribute to the development of the of the new Offensive Weapon Homicide Review Pilot that was scheduled to be launched in early 2022.



New Items of Urgent Business

To consider any new items of Urgent Business admitted under Item 2 above.




Any Other Business

To raise any items of AOB.


The Leader advised partners that she was a co-signatory to a letter from across London councillors to the Police Commissioner, which was a call for action around violence against women and girls. The Leader noted that she would send this on to the Borough Commander. (Action: Cllr Ahmet).


Cllr Brabazon urged the CSP to have an agenda item at a future meeting which was on the night time economy and how the interface worked between the Council and Police on the management of the night time economy.  In addition, this should also include looking at how stronger working could be done around licensing issues and joining up links between environment issues and HMO licensing, for instance. The CSP provisionally agreed to have an agenda item on this at its next meeting. (Action: Clerk).  


The Police suggested that the next agenda should also have an overview on Operation Boxster, about sex trafficked women in the borough and the dedicated neighbourhood based team of officers who were working to tackle this issue. (Action: Clerk/Chris Jones).


Dates of Future Meetings

To note the dates of future meetings set out below:


8 December  2021;

9 February 2022;





8 December  2021;

9 February 2022;