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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Londesborough Room, Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22

Contact: Natalie Cole 

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Ali Demirci and Monica Whyte, David Frith (The Rookfield Association), Frank Hilton (The Rookfield Association) and Mark Evison (Alexandra Park Manager).



Members of the Committee are invited to disclose any interest they may have in any of the items appearing on this agenda.


Councillor Jim Jenks declared a personal interest as he was a member of the Warner Estate Resident’s Association.


Councillors David Beacham and Joanna Christophides declared personal and prejudicial interests in agenda item 7 – Garden Centre Planning Proposals – as they were members of the Council’s Planning Committee.  They left the meeting during considerations.



To note the appointment of Councillor Sophie Erskine who will replace Councillor Matt Davies as Fortis Green Ward representative as agreed at Haringey’s full Council meeting on 18th October 2010.


The Chair welcomed Councillor Sophie Erskine onto the Committee.


Observers and potential future members Richard Green (Warner Estate Residents’ Association) and Ken Burlton (Alexandra Residents’ Association) were also in attendance at the meeting.   


MINUTES pdf icon PDF 123 KB

i)          To approve the minutes of the Advisory Committee held on 7th September 2010 (to follow).


ii)         To receive the draft minutes of the meeting of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board held on 6th September 2010 to be noted


iii)        To receive the draft minutes of the meeting of the Consultative Committee held on 14th September 2010 to be noted (to follow).




i)    Advisory Committee – 7th September 2010


      Minute APSC24 – Joint Meeting of the Alexandra Park and Palace Advisory Committee and the Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee


It was agreed that the word “recognised” be replaced with ”were referred to the element” in the second paragraph of APSC24.


RESOLVED that subject to the amendment above the minutes of the Advisory Committee held on 7th September 2010 be agreed as an accurate recorded of the meeting.



ii) Alexandra Palace and Park Board – 6th September 2010


RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the Alexandra Palace and Park Board meeting held on 6th September 2010 be noted.



iii)  Consultative Committee – 14th September 2010


      It was noted that the Statutory Advisory Committee


RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the Consultative Committee held on 14th September 2010 be noted.


Garden Centre planning proposals pdf icon PDF 135 KB

To consider the proposals for the Garden Centre submitted by the tenant, Capital Gardens Ltd.


Additional documents:


Councillors Beacham and Christophides declared personal and prejudicial interests in this item as they were members of the Council’s Planning Committee.  They left the meeting at this point.


At its meeting on 7th September 2010 the Committee had received proposals for the development of Garden Centre Ltd including converting old sheds into a retail area and constructing a pergola to shelter bedding plants and had requested clearer drawings including plans showing elevations and details about the scale of the proposals.


Although a representative  of the Garden Centre (who had been invited to be present at the meeting was not in attendance) the Committee heard from Mr Gill on these proposals.  Certain members expressed concerns about the possible impact on the view of the Park and that the proposals did not provide details of  the nature and extent of the proposed franchise, and whether this would be for traditional garden centre  purposes .




That the Garden Centre’s proposals be recommended in principle to the Board, subject to the Board seeking assurances that the proposals would not interfere with the views of the Park  and that the proposed franchisee would conduct traditional garden centre business activities.


Clerks note:  Councillors Beacham and Christophides returned to the meeting room at this point.


Post meeting note:

3rd November 2010 – The Managing Director of Capital Gardens Ltd provided written assurance that:

·        When it came to the final design proposals Capital Gardens Ltd would ask the architects to come up with a plan that would not interfere with any of the sight lines from the park.

·        The franchise or franchises will be of a traditional nature.  At present the intention of Capital Gardens was to put an aquatic franchise in the proposed building.


Little Dinosaurs pdf icon PDF 163 KB

To note the procedures followed in the Little Dinosaurs enforcement case and the extent of the demised area following discussion of the matter at previous meetings.

Additional documents:


The Committee received the report which explained the background to the planning enforcement case in relation to the Little Dinosaurs facility and action taken by the Alexandra Palace and Park Trust officers.


Andrew Gill, General Manager – Alexandra Palace and Park informed members that unless the proposals were radically different from the original planning permission granted to Little Dinosaurs there was no requirement for the proposals to be presented again to the Statutory Advisory Committee. 


A discussion followed in relation to paragraph 6.7 (page 30 of the agenda pack) and paragraph 8.1 (page 32 of the agenda pack) of the report.  The Chair suggested that if members of the public were able to obtain redacted versions of leases then the Advisory Committee should also have access.  Some Committee members commented that such information should only be requested if it was relevant to a decision or recommendations being made by the Advisory Committee.


Whilst Committee members recognised that the report provided a clear account of what had transpired (and that the tenant had appeared to receive verbal consent) they  expressed concern that the proper procedures had not been followed, and asked the Board to note their concerns.


The Committee heard from Councillor Bob Hare’s comments that there were other options for storage within Alexandra Park which the tenant could have utilised.


The Advisory Committee wished to ensure that they would be able to continue to monitor the outcome of the appeal and any future planning application by the Tenant to extend the outside area.




i.          That the Alexandra Park Manager be requested to keep the Committee informed on the status of the planning inspectorate’s  decision in relation to Little Dinosaurs. 


ii.         That the Committee’s concern as to  the extent of and area covered by the Little Dinosaurs building be noted by the Board.


iii.        That the Board should consider in principle whether in future it would agree to provide the Committee  with  copies of the (redacted)  proposed lease on a case by case basis, if so requested/ required by the Committee.



To receive the report of the Managing Director, Alexandra Palace Trading Limited (APTL) advising the Advisory Committee on forthcoming events to the end of the financial year.


The Committee received the Forthcoming Events report introduced by Rebecca Kane, Managing Director – APTL.

The Committee noted the events and the update including that there would not be a fireworks display at Alexandra Palace this year and the bungee event had been cancelled; that there were 4 confirmed concerts and that the new ice-rink would open in January 2011.


RESOLVED to note the report.




To receive a verbal update from the General Manager – Alexandra Palace on the Governance Update report and the Bespoke Code of Governance report presented to the Alexandra Palace and Park Board on 14th October 2010.

Additional documents:


The Committee received the reports entitled Governance Update and Bespoke Code of Governance which had been considered by the Board at it’s meeting on 14th October 2010.


In response to the Governance Update report and the appointment of Independent Advisors to the Board, a Committee Member asked if they would be paid a salary or only expenses. Committee Members expressed concern that that  difficulties would be experienced  in recruiting Independent Advisors if a salary was not to be paid and if they were held accountable.


The General Manager informed that Committee that the Independent Advisors would not receive a salary but could claim reasonable expenses. It was hoped that the role would attract a high calibre of candidates with a passion for restoring the Palace and promoting the charity objectives. 


The Chair highlighted that there were sections of the Code of Conduct with which the Palace did not comply and suggested that rather than the words “cannot comply” a statement be included as to what steps could be taken to enable the Palace to comply in the future.  The General Manager reminded the Committee that the Code was not mandatory and that it was important not to commit the Board to activities that it could not realistically achieve.


In response to comments that Trustees appointed to the Board should have expertise in the relevant areas the General Manager reminded the Committee that the Alexandra Palace and Park Trustees were appointed by the London Borough of Haringey and emphasised the benefits of having long-standing Trustees who knew the Palace and Park well.


RESOLVED to note the Update Reports.




There was no other business.



To note the dates of future meetings of the Advisory Committee as follow:


Tuesday 25th January 2011

Tuesday 5th April 2011



The dates were noted.


Tuesday 25th January 2011

Tuesday 5th April 2011