Agenda and draft minutes

Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee
Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: The Londesborough Room, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London N22

Contact: Philip Slawther, Principal Committee Co-ordinator 

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Please note that this meeting may be filmed or recorded by the Council for live or subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site or by anyone attending the meeting using any communication method. Although we ask members of the public recording, filming or reporting on the meeting not to include the public seating areas, members of the public attending the meeting should be aware that we cannot guarantee that they will not be filmed or recorded by others attending the meeting. Members of the public participating in the meeting (e.g. making deputations, asking questions, making oral protests) should be aware that they are likely to be filmed, recorded or reported on. 


By entering the meeting room and using the public seating area, you are consenting to being filmed and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings.


The chair of the meeting has the discretion to terminate or suspend filming or recording, if in his or her opinion continuation of the filming, recording or reporting would disrupt or prejudice the proceedings, infringe the rights of any individual or may lead to the breach of a legal obligation by the Council.


Clerk’s note - Duncan O’Neill nominated Gordon Hutchinson to chair the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Jennifer Mann.



The Chair referred Members present to agenda Item 1 as shown on the agenda in respect of filming at this meeting, and Members noted the information contained therein’.




The following apologies for absence were noted:


·         Cllr Stennett



Members of the Committee are invited to disclose any interest they may have in any of the items appearing on this agenda.


There were no declarations of interest.



To discuss the Governance Review report.

Additional documents:


RECEIVED the report of Louise Stewart, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alexandra Park and Palace.


The following matters arose from the discussion of the report:


a.    The Committee sought clarification on the proposal to have clearer separation between stakeholder views and the Board. In response the CEO advised that Board members had to act in the best interests of charity and that there was considered to be an inherent conflict with Committee members sitting on the Board as non-voting members, as they has specific interests arising from their membership of a particular stakeholder group.

b.    The Board was also advised that a proposal to change the format of engagement away from council meetings, was in relation the current to statutory requirements around local government decision making that were placed on the Consultative Committee as a committee of Haringey Council.

c.    In response to a query around authorisation required to dispose of property acquired prior to 1985, the CEO advised that authorisation would require a specific scheme to be agreed by the Charity Commission, and possibly even an Act of Parliament.

d.    The Commission was advised that both Alexandra Palace and Park Panel and the Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Forum were obsolete bodies that they had not been in use for some time.

e.    The Committee raised concerns with the potential for meetings of the proposed stakeholder group to not have agendas or papers publically available.

f.     In response to questions around the proposed justification for replacing the Committee with a stakeholder forum, the CEO advised that the intention was to engage with a wider array of stakeholders including the beneficiaries. As presently formulated the Consultative Committee was limited to 30 specific interest groups. It was suggested that the Palace’s stakeholders were much broader than that and that their preferred forms of engagement may be quite diverse.

g.    The Committee suggested that by developing a stakeholder forum there were concerns that this would result in a loss of experience and expertise from local groups. It was also suggested that the new format might result in broader and less focused discussion.

h.    The Committee advocated that current arrangements could be built upon to ensure that members’ experience was not lost. It was proposed that perhaps a meeting of local constituted groups could meet once or twice a year and that this could be supplemented by wider forum meetings with different stakeholders. It was suggested that such a meeting could focus on a particular issue.

i.      It was also suggested that in the interests of widening participation the residents groups could be taken off the Consultative Committee as they were already represented through the Advisory Committee.

j.      Concerns were raised that there was a wider democratic deficit within the Palace’s governance arrangements and that these proposals would reduce the involvement of local interested groups. In response the Chair commented that the organisation was a charity not a public body, that operations were governed by the Charity Commission and that  ultimately the charity was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.








There were no further meetings scheduled in the current municipal year.