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Broadwater Farm rehousing

Meeting: 14/07/2020 - Cabinet (Item 259)

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[Report of the Director for Housing, Regeneration and Planning. To be introduced by the Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategic Regeneration.]


This report seeks delegations from Cabinet to the Director of Housing, Planning and Regeneration in respect of the acquisition of leasehold interests on the estate and approval of equity loans for leaseholders wishing to access the proposed loan facility offered by the council to eligible leaseholders.

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The Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategic Regeneration introduced the report, which set out a number of important recommendations to support the Council’s vital work on the rehousing of leaseholders on the Broadwater Farm Estate.


The Cabinet Member emphasised that the Council was committed to working with leaseholders to identify rehousing solutions that met their needs and the report set out additional options to support leaseholders.


In response to questions from Cllr Cawley - Harrison. The following information was provided:


·         In relation to the financial compensation of leaseholders, as set out in the deputation response, this would be discussed with the leaseholders and there would need to be consideration of the Council’s fiduciary duty when considering the appropriate remedy.


·         With regards to the alternative housing offered to leaseholders, the personal view of the Cabinet Member was that there needed to be careful consideration of the housing options offered to ensure that this was fair and did not disadvantage other residents in priority need, awaiting housing. The Council were prepared to examine and take forward discussion with leaseholders, taking account of the compensation received, if applicable, and considering the situation of the housing waiting list.


·         The Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal highlighted that the Council were already considering the issue of vulnerability and if the leaseholder fell into the priority need category they would be entitled to a social tenancy were they homeless and in a situation that they could not afford to buy a home. This would also be taken into consideration by the discretion panel.


Further to considering the exempt information at item 24,





  1. To agree to the acquisition of all leaseholders’ interests in both Northolt and

Tangmere for a maximum total sum of [EXEMPT] and gives delegated authority to the Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning, after consultation with the Director of Finance and Cabinet Member for Housing & Estate Renewal, to agree the price and terms of each acquisition;


  1. To give delegated authority to the Director of Housing, Regeneration and

Planning to approve any individual equity loans to eligible resident

leaseholders, as provided for in the Broadwater Farm Rehousing and Payments policy;


  1. To authorise the Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning,

            notwithstanding the terms of the Broadwater Farm Rehousing and Payments        Policy, to offer Equity Loans to support the purchase of properties outside the            borough in exceptional circumstances taking account of the recommendation of         the Discretionary Panel Discretionary Panel.


4.    To approve the policy set out at Appendix one of the report, setting out the offer that the Council will make for the leasehold interest in a property on Broadwater Farm where the owner wishes to be granted a social tenancy of the same or another property in replacement of his/her interest.


  1. To authorise the Director of Housing, Regeneration and Planning to approve the offer of a social tenancy to leaseholders, acting on the recommendation

of the discretionary panel (as set out in the Broadwater Farm Rehousing and

             Payments Policy) in line with policy set  ...  view the full minutes text for item 259