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Proposal to designate a Local Nature Reserve

Meeting: 14/09/2010 - Alexandra Palace and Park Consultative Committee (Item 19)

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To consider the proposals for declaration of a local nature reserve.


The Committee received the report consulting on the initial proposal for Alexandra Park to be declared as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR).  Committee members raised concerns as to whether LNR status would affect events held in the Park and noted that it was not necessary to declare the entire Park as a LNR. 


In response to its questions about the implications of the proposals the Committee noted that the Park already met the criteria for LNR status which required demonstrating a commitment about how the Park will be managed and conserved (contained in the Park’s management plan).   Benefits of the proposals could be access to additional funding from national bodies.


The Committee noted the Park Manager’s comments including that as the Park had already reached a similar level of management to what was required there would not be a great difference if LNR status was achieved.  The Park, however, would be better protected under Unitary Development Policy (policies used to make decisions on planning and other applications).


Some Committee members stated that LNR status may make the Park a more attractive visitor attraction and many activities in the Park already supported the potential LNR status.




i.          That the proposals to designate sections of Alexandra Park as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) be supported.


ii.         That the Alexandra Palace and Park Board be asked to note the comments of the Consultative Committee particularly in relation to inappropriate designation of LNR status for the entire park, which could affect events being held in the Park.