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RFCA for London




Support the reserve forces and cadets association for Greater London.




Changed name from Territorial Association & Volunteer Reserve Association for Greater London – notified January 2002.

Member shall not exceed the age of 65 during period of membership.

In special circumstances may serve up to 70 years.

No allowances or expenses are paid to any Council nominee.  




Name of Organisation

Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Greater London

Name of Person completing the form and title/role within the organisation.

Tel. No.

E-mail address

Miss Kate Tattersall

PA to Chief Executive/Office Manager



020 7384 4661


What are the aims and objectives of the organisation?



To be an enduring and essential pillar in the delivery of support for the wellbeing of the Reserves & Cadets and, through our effectiveness and our position in the regions, to be the independent body that represents their interests and promotes understanding between the Armed Forces and civil society.




·      We are a Central Government Body with Crown status, set up by statute.

·      We are a manifestation of the volunteer ethos.

·       Our voluntary membership brings with it an unparalleled breadth of expertise and experience.

·       We are tri-Service.

·       We are of the regions, operating throughout the United Kingdom.

·       We are a not-for-profit organisation.

·       We are value for money.




·      We promote the interests of the Armed Forces.

·      We champion the volunteer ethos both within and outside the Services.

·       We are apolitical.

·       We are independent (of the MOD and the chains of command) and autonomous(of each other); but, through our collegiate behaviour, we have national responsibility, influence and recognition.

·       We support the work of third sector organisations which also contribute to the well-being of Service personnel and veterans.

·       We supplement government funding through our income generation for our dependencies.


What benefits does your organisation receive from having a formal Council representative appointed?

The appointment of a Representative Councillor affords both direct access and a quick link between the RFCA and the local authority.  There are many shared aims and objectives (e.g. youth policy, environmental issues and support to local employers) that can be more easily addressed by means of this connection.

What role does the formal representative carry out?

Perhaps best described as an ‘intelligent customer’, the Representative Councillor acts as an observer who is not required to take part in any decision-making but whose expertise and local knowledge can offer a useful (and sometimes vital) contribution to the business of the Association.



Contact information

Kate Tattersall
PA to Chief Executive

Fulham House
87 Fulham High Street

Phone: 020 7384 4661

Fax: 020 7384 4664

Website: http://www.reserve-forces-london.org.uk

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