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Haringey Community & Police Consultative Group, The Consultative Group


Aims and Objectives:

The Group provides effective ways for the community of Haringey to understand and influence Community Safety, policing decisions and policies that affect them; and to hold the Metropolitan Police Service and Crime Disorder and Reduction Partnership to account for the services at local level.

  • To engage with local police and council and maintain the attention and participation of the police, the council and the public.
  • To ask questions of and pose problems to the police and council, but also to supply ideas and propose solutions for such problems’ resolution
  • To hold the whole of the local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership to account for its decisions and actions on behalf of the community
  • To receive information from the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels through the Group’s borough Ward Panel Chairs and Partnership Forum that will feed into local and pan-London police policy setting and decision making


Lead Member & 1 other Cabinet member & Cllrs. 2 of the 6 members to be nominated for the Cabinet.

2 of the cabinet members to be nominated as observers


Number of Members on the Group and breakdown of type of board members:

Board Members

1 Chris Hannington HREC Criminal Justice Com, 2 David Singh Individual, Fred Williams Neighbourhood Watch, 3. Ralph Crisp Safer Neighbouhood, 4. Gerard McGrath Individual,

5. C/Supt David Grant MPS,

6. Dr Viv Manheim Individual,

7. Sandra Gouveia ICV Chair, 8. Mr Fred Ellis

HREC,  9. Janay Cochrane Youth Engagment


MPS Board Observer,

10. Inspector Tom Wingate 11.Cllr Bernice LB of Haringey,

12. Cllr Goldberg LB of Haringey


Tasks undertaken:

The Group’s Board of Directors holds a strong management brief and have accountability for the staff team. 

The Board members are expected to contribute to more regular meetings, as well as their expertise and skills to support the growth and development of the organisation and its commitments.


Responsibilities of members:

Each Board member have specific portfolio of responsibility in accordance to their area of expertise.


Any legal requirements:

The Board of Directors must comply with their

obligations under the Charities Act 1993 or any

statutory re enactment or modification thereof to

prepare an Annual Report and an annual return

and to send them to the Charity Commissioners

for England and Wales.


Regularity of meetings:

4 Board of Directors Meetings and twice yearly Public Meetings


Any training required: No


Other  information:

Haringey Community & Police Consultative Group Memorandum & Article of Association kept on file

Contact information

Location: Civic Centre

Enid Ledgister

Haringey Community & Police Consultative Group
L4 River Park House
225 High Road Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Phone: 020 8889 0591

Fax: 020 8881 7223


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