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Reject building proposal for 500 White Hart Lane

We the undersigned petition the council to We, the undersigned, stand opposed to the proposal by Hotspurs football club to redevelop the 500 White Hart Lane commercial site, as described in planning application HGY/2016/0828. We object on the following grounds:

Six storeys is too high; even the plan for council-built flats across the street are only 4 storeys and 5 units, and all new buildings near Devonshire Hill Lane are limited to the roof-line height of the surrounding houses.
High density housing is not appropriate for the area, due to lack of transportation links, lack of services, and lack of parking.
This land is reserved for commercial and industrial use only. We need jobs and services in the area, not 500 new residents with nowhere to go and nothing to do.
The money the council receives from this development cannot be used to create essential services in the area as there are no sites to build the services within ½ a mile, except 500 White Hart Lane.

We call upon Haringey’s Planning Sub-Committee to follow the Haringey Local Plan and reject this planning application. The land should be used for businesses that will truly improve the area. It should not be used for overbearing, overcrowded housing.

This ePetition ran from 21/06/2016 to 20/08/2016 and has now finished.

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