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No cuts to Haringey parks staffing and maintenance

We the undersigned petition the council to - halt cuts to parks staffing and maintenance budgets, and to keep all on-site staff depots. - put adequate resources into our vital local parks and green spaces

We object to…

- the slashing of local park budgets by over 50% (£1m)
- the threat of drastic cuts to the number of staff working in our parks. Our hardworking and much needed staff are currently being consulted over compulsory redundancies - we send them our support.
- plans to close a number of parks’ depots or lease them out to street cleaning teams

The Council's spending on green spaces is already in the lowest 'quartile' of comparable boroughs, yet these threatened cuts are almost the highest in the UK.

We believe this will make our green spaces unsafe, and undo the improvements the Friends Groups have worked so hard for over the last 10 years. It will return them back to the shocking neglect of the 1980/90s.

We call on the Council to halt the plans, and put adequate resources into our vital local parks and green spaces.

Residents and park users are also circulating paper peitions - available to download at: http://www.haringeyresidents.org/what's+new

On reaching 2200 signatures A debate will be held at full Council

This ePetition ran from 01/05/2011 to 04/09/2011 and has now finished.

2475 people signed this ePetition.