Issue - meetings


Meeting: 15/04/2013 - Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum and Committee (Item 4)



Members discussed the Area Plan, and raised the following points:

·               The Plan had not been signed off previously as the quality had not been satisfactory

·               The Plan lacked measurable actions, and tended to be general or borough-wide.  It needed to be specific to the area.

·               Despite work carried out by the Chair and officers, there had been no appreciable change in quality.

·               The Committee decided that unless there were plans to use this in any way to allocate resources, they were minded not to sign off nor pursue any future revisions to it, given that it had not been approved all year without any obvious consequence.


It was


RESOLVED that the Chair would write to the Chief Executive (copying in the Director of Place and Sustainability), to seek advice on whether to sign off the Plan, and whether leaving the Plan unendorsed would result in any resource allocation risks.