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Tottenham Chances

Meeting: 16/07/2009 - Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters Area Forum and Committee (Item 9)

Tottenham Chances


The meeting was provided with an overview of the work being carried out by ‘Tottenham Chances’, part of a charitable trust managing the former British Legion building.


The aim of the project was to provide a forum for local people to pursue arts and crafts, gardening, theatre and other activities. It was hoped that the Trust will establish management committees consisting of local residents would eventually be established to manage various project on a long term basis.


It was also noted that volunteers were being sought to help convert part of the existing car park to a garden and a regular sustainable local food market.



Neighbourhood Management will be supporting the project to develop a Community Garden Project by digging over the tarmac car park. An update on progress would be provided as the project developed.